Details On WWE Targeting A Former TNA Name About A Return To The Company

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The shakeups continue in WWE developmental. As we've seen over the last month, Joey Mercury was transferred as an NXT trainer to a main roster producer. This cleared the way for the hiring of Nick Dinsmore to replace him at the WWE Performance Center.

We're being told the next guy in line for a transfer is Billy Gunn. Gunn is expected to join the main roster as a producer, which operates as a segue into our most interesting piece of information.

WWE has been in talks with Devon Dudley about possibly coming in as a developmental trainer. Devon has experience as a trainer as he a co-owner of the Team 3D Academy, which is also located in Florida. While many in WWE have said the Dudley Boyz would never be welcome back in WWE, we're told it's really Bully Ray that has the heat. Devon is seen as someone that is generally well-liked.

Triple H has said before he'd never bring the Dudley Boyz back because of his dislike for Bully Ray but he's not opposed to Devon returning on his own as a trainer. Devon has told friends he doesn't have interest in returning to TNA and he's believed to be interested in WWE's offer.

  • EricDraven86

    why does bully ray have heat with wwe?

    • Jesse Sherwood

      My understanding is that there was a huge blowup between him and HHH a number of years ago. Granted, someone with a better memory could probably shed more light on this.

      • EricDraven86


  • Stephen


  • thepowerserge

    Devon! Get the ring bell!

  • Patrick

    no doubt about it HHH is all most ready to take over from Vince… he’s like Vince he holds a grudge and doesn’t grow up.