Details On Ultimate Warrior's Condition In The Days Before His Death

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TMZ has a new report at this link where they detail Ultimate Warrior's condition over Wrestlemania 30 weekend in NOLA.

"According to sources who were with Warrior this past weekend, the WWE legend looked like he was in constant pain ... sweaty and looked very uncomfortable, like he was choking on his tie. It was apparent to everyone ... something was seriously off."

This is something numerous Wrestlemania attendees have told us and a question raised in Wednesday's Ask WNW. There seemed to be warning signs, although his passing is something no one could have ever predicted.

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  • Brandon van Reenen

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Richard. You’re doing a great job…

  • Matt

    I think a lot of it is hindsight being 20/20 and things just look like this BECAUSE it happened. However, him at Mania and especially on Raw looked off. I even commented on Monday when he was putting on and taking off his mask he seems heavy handed like he was going to have a stroke.

    • Howard Stern

      Not that it was a big deal but I thought it was odd seeing him hand something to the camera guy. It felt like he was asking me to hold something for him.

      • Draven

        He was asking him to hold the mic while he put his mask on. Which i agree he did look very heavy handed cause he couldnt put the mask on while he was holding the mic. And he did look like he was having trouble breathing. I just thought it was cause he hadnt been in front of the crowd in so long nerves and such but it may have been hos body trying to tell him something.

        • Matt

          maybe both and the excitement and adrenaline from 3 days of huge and strong crowd reactions did it. We won’t know for a while.

          • Draven

            If it was a heart attack i hate to see all the negitive attention its gonna bring from the media im sure they will start in on the wrestling industry and steroids again.

          • Bryan Smith

            Nancy Grace already has. There is a post on here about it.

          • Draven

            Yeah i just watched it what a load of crap. Like when ddp was admitting that everyone use to take them and she just jumped on him like HOLD ON NOW IVE NEVER TAKEN THEM BEFORE it was just crap.

  • Michael

    I am forever grateful I was able to see Warrior live at WrestleMania 12. Albeit was only for a shirt time, his energy was high and the fans ate it up. I am glad he was able to tell the fans his last goodbyes and make amends with several people. His legacy will always live on. His message to BELIEVE is forever.