Detroit Has Wrestlemania Bid Turned Down, Ted DiBiase's New Career

Detroit Loses Out on Wrestlemania 32

The Windsor Star is reporting that the joint bid between Detroit and Windsor to bring Wrestlemania 32 to Ford Field in 2016 has been turned down. Detroit Sports Commission executive Dave Beachnau told the publication they were informed of WWE's decision in June. Click here for more.

Ted DiBiase's Career Outside the Ring has an article on Ted DiBiase leaving WWE to pursue a career with The article notes it was a broken ankle that resulted in DiBiase questioning his future as a wrestler. You can read the piece at this link.

  • Kleck

    WrestleMania should be in the premiere cities of the United States/Canada, not in the dumps of a bankrupt city known best for its crime and rapid decline. Why pump millions of dollars into a city where tens of thousands of people are leaving every year.

    • jdl

      Why? Well, because that’s the kind of city that actually needs the money. You can’t improve a city without the capital to do so, Detroit would benefit more from Wrestlemania than any other city in America.

      • JJ

        And wwe wouldn’t benefit at all being in Detroit. Fans travel from around the world to be at wrestlemania, we don’t need them in one of our shittiest towns in America; especially when there are so many great choices.

  • Rt

    WWE is a United States based corporation. They should keep this stadiums in the United States. And bring it somewhere where it hasn’t been before and can guarantee a new record. And is surrounding a very active community. The formerly cowboys stadium.

    • Matt

      It’s also a world wide organisation. It’s a bit childish to say they should stay in the US just because they were born there.

    • Andy

      fair enough. But they would get ten times the atmosphere in Europe.

      • Justin

        Ten times. Hyperbole alert.

  • Rus

    Why is there so much news about Ted DiBiase lately did he announce he was gay or something because I don’t know why there is any fuss and why he needs to be mentioned in so many articles, I don’t even remember the last time I saw him on TV

    • Xavier

      How funny would it be if this whole DiBiase leaving the WWE is actually an angle. Imagine if he was the one who helped Bryan against Orton/Triple H/Shield

      • Andrew Ace


        • Slickwilly

          Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • Rus

        Yeah because with DiBiase by his side he would never need any other help lets face it DiBiase wouldn’t even need Bryan he would be able to beat Orton/Triple H/Shield all at the same time and then Ted DiBiase becomes the face of the company

  • JJ

    LOL at Detroit thinking they have a chance. Of course WWE doesn’t want their biggest ppv in that shit town.

    • Matt

      WrestleMania 23 you idiot.

      • Dufus

        Wrestlemania 32

        • Matt

          You’ve clearly misunderstood. Go take a seat.

      • BMGabe

        Detroit then and now is a pretty BIG damn difference. I don’t even think they have enough power to run the stadium for that long. Let lone the wrestlers feel safe there at all

  • Kacie

    Poor Michigan. No one likes that state anymore.

  • sam

    Wrestlemainia needs to go to the Rose Bowl in or Lucas oil stadium

  • Eric

    Just throwing it out there, but Ohio State Stadium (“The Shoe”) in Columbus holds over 100,000 people. Not saying WM 32 would be there, but perhaps a future WrestleMania?

  • K!NG

    bring wrestlemania to my local gym.

  • Justin

    Good decision by WWE not to have Wrestlemania 32 in Detroit.