Devon Announces That He Is Finished With TNA Wrestling

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Reigning TNA Television Champion Devon has announced that he is gone from TNA Wrestling. In addition to confirming that his contract expired, Devon had the following to say on his Twitter account:

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Matthew Parker and Yates for sending this in.

  • unknown

    bring Bubba Ray with you so you can get the tables for the WWE

    • Mario

      I wish ! But as long as Vince is in charge and his wife is in politics , TLC`s (specially tables) are are a thing of the past .

  • diddy

    So what happens to the tv tile does just get abandoned or do they vacate it?

  • Matt

    Please come to WWE. I miss the Dudleys and with all these new tag teams coming up, it would be awesome to have a veteran team to show them the ropes and get them over.

  • Rob

    Dudley boys back in wwe who’s with me

  • Clem823

    Him And Bubba Ray 1 More Run In WWE…That Would Really Bring Up The Tag Division

  • Steven

    How long before he goes back to wwe then?

  • Blake

    What about tv title

  • JamieSNZ

    Leaving with the title?

  • wrestlingfan

    Come back to WWE, brother D-Von!

    • MVP


  • Russell


  • Coops

    Coaching developmental talent in WWE?

  • Joe

    Why would anyone want the Dudley’s back in WWE? There’s ZERO tag division and do you a really think WWE would have them putting guys through tables and head butting people in the balls right now? The best they can hope for is an agent spot.

  • Mike Brailsford

    WWE make wrestlers wait 90 days before they can appear for a new promotion, so I don''t know if TNA do likewise.

  • _JIM_

    Man TNA is such a low rent promotion! Nobody there was smart enough to realize that one of their champions deals was about to expire? It might have been a good idea to have him lose the title before this happened.

  • Bill

    time to bring back. the tables Vince