Devon Nicholson Rips Kurt Angle For Olympic Comeback Attempt; Says He Made A Mockery Of Amateur Wrestling

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Not everyone is heartbroken about Kurt Angle pulling out of his Olympics comeback attempt. Devon Nicholson is offended and put out the following letter and video about it:

I am a former National Freestyle Wrestling Champion, National Team Trial Winner, Canadian Open Winner in Grappling and am currently the alternate for Canada in Greco Roman Wrestling. I have defeated all of the wrestlers how places in the top 4 in the Canadian CIS University Championships in 2011 (I am not in University so I could not compete in those.)

I was also a pro wrestler for 10 years. 1996 US Olympic Champion Kurt Angle has recently made a mockery out of amateur wrestling. He went on TV to news sources all over the world saying he was back in training and would be competing in the US Olympic trials and would at least make an alternate. This took press away from the US amateur athletes who really are competing in the trials and taking it serious. After a year build up last week Angle said he was pulling out due to a partially torn MCL that wont need surgery yet he still wrestled professionally last night in a big match on TNA Wrestling's Lockdown PPV.

Kurt Angle has greatly offended me. He has made a mockery of amateur wrestling and has made pro wrestlers look like wimps I am sick of this guy running his mouth, not taking amateur wrestling seriously and making pro wrestlers look like they have it easy. I am challenging him to a real match. I have faced Canadian Olympic Champion Daniel Igali in my last year of high school and held my own but I wans't angry at him and I am also much more technical now so he will not have it easy if he's man enough to agree. After supposedly training for a year he should be willing to accept one match.

On a side note I fully tore my MCL at a tournament in early November but still kept training and competing. I will not get surgery until I 100% know I won't be going to the London games as an alternate. It is not a totally debilitating. Angle had an extremely serious next injury before the Atlanta games but still pulled though. That was highly
inspirational. Now he's showing that he doesn't have hart or respect anymore.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Kevin Ganley for sending this in.

  • christopher525

    This man is trying his damndest to get someone to sign him to a contract. Vince won't do it, because of the hep, so now he's trying to go after TNA. Desperation is a pretty pathetic thing.

    • Deep

      I agree, this sounds like some pretty manufactured outrage to me. If anything, wouldn't Kurt Angle training and competing in the trials put more of a spotlight on wrestling in the Olympics?

  • Nails

    He' obviously shooting a promo here! Bring it on! It would be cool to see this feud 😉

  • Bault16

    Lol. Someone wants his 15 minutes really bad.

    • Snitch

      and he's getting it unfortunately.. wrestling doesn't need alternates. lol

  • Paul

    Apparently grammar and book smarts aren't too big in Canada.

    • William

      Coming from an American that is laughable,i've been through your education system.

  • ben

    why didnt he say something b4 kurt got hurt? i think kurt would put a whooping on him

  • PhilT81

    Where do I start here?

    First of all – the guy is an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Stop boasting about your credentials and how you’re a real wrestler and how Kurt Angle makes a mockery of real wrestling – Kurt Angle has won an Olympic gold medal in ‘real’ wrestling – its real, it’s damn real!

    How can you judge him and say he’s not taken it seriously? He’s trained his guts out but he knows that at his age and with what his body has been through it was always going to be a long shot, even if he was the best wrestler in the world. He’s genuinely heartbroken he couldn’t manage one last shot at Olympic glory after a year of hard training.

    You’re saying Kurt is some sort of wimp for pulling out due to a partially torn MCL on top of his other injuries, aches, pains, strains, wear, tear, aging and damage and how you’re so great because you’re still trying with a torn MCL (apparantly). Again, you can start talking big when you win an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck!

    As for appearing at Lockdown, that wasn’t a competitive match – it was a performance and as such there are lots of thinks that Kurt and anyone Kurt is in the ring with can do in order to protect any injury that he has going into the match – you see professional wrestlers are athletes and tough ones at that, at least any who want to make it to the top and stay there. That’s why you see guys like Triple H finish matches with two torn quads – he’s willing to do that because he loves the business and he loves the fans, not because he needs the pay check or needs to step up.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Wow sign this guy up, wwe, tna, doesn’t matter, love the passion, but he makes it look like angle just quit because he is a quiter, I’m pretty sure angle knows he is just to beat up and to old to give it a good reasonable shot at the olympics, damm sign this guy up, love it.