Devon Responds To Hulk Hogan Tweet; Bully Ray Comments On Losing The Finals Of Bound For Glory Series

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We posted an article earlier today where Hulk Hogan tweeted about the departure of Devon from TNA Wrestling. Since then, Devon responded to Hogan's tweet. Let me remind you that Hogan's tweet about Devon has been deleted from his official Twitter account. The tweet is below.

To see Hulk Hogan's tweet article click here.

At last night's No Surrender pay-per-view, Bully Ray went on to the finals in the Bound for Glory Series. However, he lost that match to Jeff Hardy. Today, Bully Ray tweeted about his defeat. The tweet is below.

  • Ian D.

    Isn’t Bully Ray’s contract up soon??

    • J-Dub

      He resigned on Saturday is what the rumors going around are. However I do not believe them until I read them here on WNW AKA the best wrestling news website.

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  • Alex P

    Devon made the smart choice and took the high road. I mean I'm sure he doesn't want to burn the TNA bridge if he wants to go back.

  • jake

    Devon is supposedly well liked backstage. People in both TNA and WWE have said that about it. So its no surprise that he didn't throw Hogan under the bus. Its probably not in his character to do so, even if he does have some resentment towards Hogan, which is impossible to prove.

    • Hillbilly Jim

      So was hogan or Scotty steiner lying…..hmmmmm

      • Hardy

        Hogan and steiner are both as bad as each other aha. I would say Alex p is right though. I think Devon decided against causing an issue so he still had the opportunity to resign with tna.