Devon-TNA Wrestling Update

Devon is finished with TNA Wrestling and will not be retained as a road agent. He has been responding to followers on Twitter, informing them they will see him again, just not with TNA.

The company wrote Devon out of storylines on last week's episode of Impact Wrestling where he was pinned in a "Loser Leaves TNA" match.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I have to say that the twist of Devon being pinned really took me by surprise. I already expected the Aces and Eights to lose the match; I just thought it would be Bischoff, Knucks, or Briscoe. The addition of AJ Styles to the Mafia team was a nice twist, as well. If TNA could pull off stuff like that every week, they just might someday be able to compete with the WWE.

  • ben

    I think he is WWE bound