Diamond Dallas Page Explains David Arquette Winning The WCW Championship

The official WWE YouTube channel has a preview of WWE Classics on Demand, in which Diamond Dallas Page, Jim Ross, Roddy Piper, Michael Hayes, and Gene Okerlund discuss the famous angle in WCW in which actor David Arquette won the WCW Championship. The preview is embedded below:

  • CornDawg

    seems like double d was a little pissed at good ol jr

    • Bob

      well he wouldn't let him finish what he was saying and trying to put words in his mouth…

    • MonstaHeel 450

      ya think?

  • Crane


  • MonstaHeel 450

    Arquette winning the WCW title, amongst other things there marked the beginning of the end of WCW back in 2000. It went downhill from there , and viewership evaporated in droves. Hey TNA, take notes. You know what they say about not learning from history……

  • Stoney

    David Arquette winning the WCW title would have to be the biggest travesty in professional wrestling, the title was already worthless after the fingerpoke the doom they may as well have thrown it in the garbage.

  • Jim

    JR was trying to be a comedian until DDP told him Arquette gave his PPV pay to Brian Pillman’s widow. Then all the sudden he changed his tune. Way to come off like a tool JR.

  • Dave L

    I think you all are forgetting the bigger picture, WCW producded the movie READY TO RUMBLE at the time this was all going down. Featuring David Arquette and various WCW talent. Just like WWE promotes their movies on WWE TV, this was an attempt to promote WCW's movie.

    • GODSENT83

      Yea but wwe doesn’t make Jamie Kennedy world champ

  • The Skinner

    He later loses it to mcgruber