Diamond Dallas Page On This Week's Raw Supershow?

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WWE has contacted Diamond Dallas Page to make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Raw Supershow leading into the 1000th Raw.

While not confirmed, the word is he could end up on this week's show. The following was posted on the official DDP YOGA Facebook page:

I just talked to DDP and he said that he was on his way to Texas but wouldn't say why..

Furthering rumors, the following is from the official Twitter account of DDP:

This week's Raw Supershow will be taped from the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • WeCan'tWalk

    WWE was getting WCW-ish as of late.

  • Dave Barton

    Would’ve preferred this listed as a spoiler alert for tonights returning raw star. 🙁

    • Richard Gray

      How can I posted it as a spoiler when it's not confirmed?

      • Dave Barton

        Potential spoiler.

      • marcus

        How about possible spoiler for tonight’s returning Raw superstar? I really don’t care but just saying it could of been done for those that like being surprised.

  • Tyler

    True that! And I hope it’s true!

  • Thumpa

    DDP was absolutely buried when he was in WWE, I can’t believe he’s maintained such a good relationship with the E?

  • Hardy

    Would like to see ddp back in the ring for a short match, I know he’s getting on now age wise but still! He was good to watch.

    • MVP

      If Vader can get out there without having a heart attack, I'm pretty sure DDP could hold up as well…

  • Sander

    To put *possible spoiler* in the title 😉

  • Richard Gray

    I apologize for the potential spoiler and I guess I could have taken better precautions, just didn't really think about it.

    • Etbluffer

      It’s DDP not Batista… Everyone calm down!!

    • Swanson

      Richard idk if you knew this but DDP was in Lexington this past weekend at FandomFest signing autographs and taking pictures. I didn’t know he’d be there when I went but saw him.

  • Steve l

    Get ready to take a diampnd cutter Heath Slater!

  • Kevin

    I hope he's the "surprise" superstar tonight. I'd love to see the original RKO – the DIAMOND CUTTER! No one could do that move like DDP. I remember seeing him hit it on an opponent after jumping from the top rope to the outside. That was AWESOME! Giving Randy Orton some credit, he does the move quite well, and his connecting on an opponent in midair after they have jumped from the top rope is pretty awesome in its own right. But DDP did it first and best.

  • Mike

    Diamond cutter vs rko fued would be epic

  • skeeber04

    Self high five!!!!!!

  • Steve l

    Didnt Johny Ace invent the,Ace Crusher, Diampmd Cutter, RKO?