Diamond Dallas Page Shreds Nancy Grace In New Media Interview

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Diamond Dallas Page shredded Nancy Grace in a media interview with The Undisputed Wrestling Show.

Page accused Grace of setting him up and said he wanted to "strangle her." He said he would "never do that bitch's show again."

You can also listen to Page talk about why he didn't get up and walk off at this link. We've also included the audio embedded in the video below:

Page appeared on Nancy Grace's HLN show on April 9, 2014 to talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior. The next day, he quickly issued a statement, denouncing Grace's propaganda. The deplorable coverage has resulted in WWE blackballing future appearances on her show.

Richard Reacts: Nancy Grace's coverage was a disgrace.

  • Patrick

    he should have given her the Diamond Cutter.

  • CJROB89

    LOL @ richard reacts

    • Chris Bosh

      My reaction exactly. It’s just one sentence. LOL

  • illdecide

    Good on Page for standing up to her, his work for wrestlers outside of the ring is huge (he should be a wwe hall of famer for literally saving Roberts and Hall’s lives)

  • I don’t understand how anyone could be caught by surprise by Nancy Grace. She’s been doing the same thing for *years.* That Page could be “blindsided” is just bizarre to me. Frankly, this all works out anyway. Grace comes out of it looking bad and WWE gets more press. No real harm done.

  • Mandy

    Good for Page and WWE for taking a stand against her, I cannot stand that woman

  • jdl

    Yeah, good for DDP… taking a stand against Nancy Grace two weeks after she made him look like a buffoon. You show her, DDP, just make sure you remind her who you are, she victimizes and abuses her “guests” on a daily basis.