Diamond Dallas Pages Says Scott Hall Is A Lost Soul Right Now; Says He Feels He Will Eventually Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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Wrestling News World reader Mike Buda sent in the following:

My name is Mike Buda and I have a weekly pro wrestling show, The Top Rope, on SportstownChicago.com. We're on every Wednesday 5-7pm ct. We recently had an interview with Diamond Dallas Page and he talked about his yoga program, helping out Chris Jericho make his comeback from injury, Scott Hall and his thoughts on WrestleMania. Here are a few interesting things he had to say:

On Scott Hall's life problems:

"I love Scott. He's one of my very good friends...Today, we talk once in a blue moon, but the last time he called me, he was just looking for some positive energy. I gave him a lot, I gave him everything I could and I asked him to come and stay with me. I just couldn't get him to call me back after that. He's a good guy. He's just a lost soul right now."

On not being inducted into the WWE HOF:

"I think eventually it's got to happen. Nobody did what I did. Nobody was as over in the 90's. I was in the top five guys according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator. I think I earned that spot and eventually, I think I'll get it. I hope it's not 30 years from now, but until Randy Savage is in there, until Jake Roberts, until Rick Rude, I'm not in yet. I would think Randy's going to be in next year. I'd be surprised if he wasn't. But it would be the greatest bill ever to be inducted because it's in Jersey. It is what it is and when it happens it happens."

You can find the whole interview at this link.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    It me, its me, its DDP

  • matt

    Hope next years HOF is Rick Rude, macho man, DDP, Booker T, and Owen Hart

    • AJG316

      That would truly be a dream

  • AB4

    Nobody was as over as DDP in the 90s? He had a fine run in WCW and certainly was over, but more than the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, Undertaker, Bret Hart or Hogan, to name a few? I'd have to respectfully disagree with him there.

    • william

      its funny cause he was "The peoples champ" Before the rock was

  • Joe O.

    I kno Mike Buda! Keep plugging his stuff if you can Richard. They’re really good and trying to get their show more pub.