What You Didn't See On SummerSlam; John Cena Must Be Respected

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After WWE SummerSlam went off the air, medical personnel attended to John Cena in the ring. It took a long time for him to get up and he didn't receive a babyface reaction. In fact, quite the opposite. The fans chanted, "thank you Lesnar" and started singing "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)."

Cena stumbled up the ramp with assistance.

While the crowd in attendance may not give Cena his due, I sure as heck am.

Further, what Cena did at SummerSlam shows the amount of respect he has for The Undertaker. Folks, he just sacrificed his body for the beating of a lifetime to sell the guy that ended the streak. I don't care if you like Cena's character or not, you have to respect him. He's earned that.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader John4Anderson for his help tonight from inside the arena.

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  • Anon

    Respect him what you want, he gets no respect from me…THIS is exactly what Cena deserves each and every day for the rest of his career – and I’m happy the live audience let him feel that (apart from one annoying kid (plant because of the mic?))

    • Ryan Plague

      while I may not be the biggest john cena fan, he deserves all the respect for that match and i will give him all the respect possible and to see you say he deserves what he got from the fans tonight, makes me laugh. Why? because you and all those fans boo cena and chant he sucks and yet as soon as your favorites like Daniel Bryan or whoever are in trouble and getting destroyed, all of you will jump to your feet and chant for Cena to come help.

    • Jerihoar

      isn’t the whole “cena sucks” thing 8 years ago? Grow up.

  • Dave Barton

    Reminds me of when Brock won his first WWE title from Rock at SummerSlam 2002. He was the badass heel, but he won the fans over during the match and they absolutely exploded when he won.

  • Vic Jose

    Turned into a belly to back suplex match.

  • Vic Jose

    Cena took a “beating” but was clearly not too hurt from it.

  • Christen

    I do respect Cena whether you love or hate him the man works hard. He gives it his all and has proven time and time again that he can indeed wrestler. He has had some great matches it usually depends on the opponent. Of course there are those hard headed fans that just want to hate Cena to still hate. That wants to pull the same old boring Cena sucks chants. John Cena can get a reaction out of the crowd good or bad. He has gotten some major cheers as well as boos. Cena puts his blood, sweat and tears in this business because he loves. I love how he respects fans opinions about him whether its good or bad. Now we got to deal with a part time champ in Lesnar. He will only show up for Night of Champs then appear every now and then but won’t fully appear til WM Season.

    • Yves Heinrich

      Which that’s why I hate what WWE decided to do, whether this match was scripted and predetermined that Brock will win, but the fact is that his a part timer and only shows after like three months and WWE hasn’t thought about Cena winning and losing the title to new talent!

    • Steve pritchard

      First of all the fans chant Cena sucks because of the idiotic way wwe books him. Fans get bored of the same old same old. Sure the kids love him. And the rightfully should . Cena is a great role model for them. But we adult fans get bored with the same Cena overcomes the odds crap over and over again. I’ve actually lost interest in any program he’s involved in due to the predictable nature of it. Yeah Brock is a part timer . But I have to agree with the way summerslam was booked. Cena winning would be a mirror image of they’re last match . And I think the majority fans ” based on Cena’s reaction last night after the match” didn’t want to see that again. Not because they hate Cena . But because we have seen it time and time again. I have tons of respect for Cena . But the whole overcome the odds every match got old years ago .

  • Yves Heinrich

    I give all my respect to Cena because he doesn’t fear Brock at all!

  • wagdaddy

    the crowd was shouting, “boring” for most of the 16 min match as it was-flat with little flurries of action ….Cena took some suplexes and some knees-Brock is still very green in working (not actually hurting) with his opponents. Cena wasn’t busted up or even blown up for that matter-Brock did all of the heavy lifting….as usual Richard-you have become more and more a WWE mark than a simply a reporter with inside info….If I were you, I wouldn’t get my hopes up-the WWE just let go of Kevin Eck, who had a better wrestling column than you produce-so I don’t think all of your Cena-rah-rah will gain you employment within the WWE….stick to your inside info and calm down…Cena is a great spokesperson and works hard for the fans outside of the ring, but in the ring-anyone who gets in there with Lesnar is going to take a pounding-so Cena didn’t do much of anything any differently than anyone else booked to go under.

    • Smark Twain

      I will agree with you that the match was pretty match an extended beat down promo, but Brock isn’t green in the slightest bit. His match against CM Punk showed that he is just as good as he was in his early 2000’s run. If you’re referring to him concussing the Undertaker, I wouldn’t say Brock is entirely at fault as Undertaker has been in rough shape for years now.

  • Kurt Luttrell

    I have never disrespected john cena, the man. I do disrespect mcmahon for allowing cena’s character to get stale to the nuclear level it has. His character is the same as it has always been, during the time mcmahon himself admitted they took PG programming too far. It’s a showing of the lack of creativity present in the wwe since they have felt the real effects of a lack of competition. McMahon made himself and the wwe a success by taking risks. Some of which (wrestlemania) he laid it ALL on the line. Thats when mcmahon is at his best, when the stakes are high and he is risking big. But that’s the problem. He doesn’t risk anymore. He plays it safe with storylines and characters. He has had numerous chances in pay per views to do risky things and mostly plays it safe. How many garbage ppv ‘ s has he put on like that? Cena hasn’t earned the reaction the fans have given him. He is the fall guy for the man pulling the strings. Just like when a movie bombs, its not always the acting but the story. The characters the actors portray. I believe cena does his best with the crap he is given. Maybe it’s partially his fault for his always smiling, devil may care attitude most of the time, but even that can be forgiven , considering that he has been on top for over a decade, “the man” for over a decade. That gives you an ego. Not many would react different if they were in cena’s shoes. The fans reacted to lesnar killing him in the ring and taking the titles because that’s what mcmahon did to cena. Cena is the epitome of how they took PG too far and the fans crap on cena for it because he is the face of it. Is it fair to cena? No, but when you accept and fight for your position as the face of a company, your going to get messy when people crap on it. Thats part of the package deal.

    • Ben

      Agreed across the board. Cena deserves a lot more respect for his professionalism because he’s dealt with it for years and still takes it in stride. I hope that reaction the fans gave him was due to his character and not them hoping he’s hurt or anything like that, but sadly it’s probably the latter.

      Here’s hoping Triple H makes some big improvements when he takes over. I’ve got faith that he will.

      • Kurt Luttrell

        Unless mcmahon decides against him being the heir apparent. He is doing things now just to spite triple h, like a kid who isn’t getting his way and acts up over it.

  • Ben

    Definitely respect Cena for sacrificing his body but I would’ve been cheering right along with those fans. I realize someone of them are the complete morons who legitimately hate Cena, but I’d like to think a lot of them are fans like me who are cheering that at his boring, beyond-stale character. Sadly, I’m probably wrong.

  • Smark Twain

    Lesnar is in great shape but why in the hell does he sweat so much? I apologize if its a disorder of some sort as he didn’t look winded during the match, but I have never seen someone sweat as much as Lesnar. I don’t recall him sweating that much during his “next big thing” run either. Also when Brock did The Undertaker’s sit up followed by the stare was the probably the best moment of the match and I’m sure Taker enjoyed it if he was watching.

    • Ben

      Maybe it’s a side effect of the diverticulitis? I’m not familiar with the disorder so I can’t say for sure.

      • Smark Twain

        I was thinking that same thing but its only once he gets physical in the ring that the sweating starts and not while he’s standing around for his Heyman promos. I’d never even heard of that condition until Brock Lesnar got it, so I’m just as in the dark as you are about it though.

        • Gary Robert

          Same here. He was beat red from the early part onward and I couldn’t help but ask myself that the entire way through.

    • Gio

      It’s a normal thing with the body. Look at Rock, he sweats like crazy now. It’s because originally they had strict and strenuous workouts then not so much and now they are at it again. The same is happening to me, I used to be active a lot where I would sweat like that after maybe 30+ mins now I can’t go 15 without needing a new shirt.

  • David F

    It was a boring match!! I give Cena all credit in world for selling but my friends and I were not entertained! Lesnar is boring in the ring. This Lesnar match was worse than Taker one. I completely understand why crowd was chanting boring during the match

    • Peter

      Go watch Total Divas…

    • Mysterion

      I’m curious. Were you expecting a technical masterpiece that Cena and Lesnar have always been so known for? Cena brawls and Lesnar has been booked as a shoot fighter. Of course it wasn’t gonna be a highflying, high octane catch as catch can classic

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      The only thing I found boring was reading this comment. I thought it was a great match, considering this is Lesnar’s first since Wrestlemania.

  • Padres4life

    its going to be awesome when Bryan comes back and challenges this guy for the title! Brock will take like three running knees and two suicide dives and four yes locks before giving Bryan the F5.

    • Steve pritchard

      D bry is awesome . But I think the Roman Empire is slowly killing the yes movement . Next years wrestlemania should be all about reigns . Bryan had his wrestlemania movement . Time to build new stars . And I think reigns is that star. The Roman Empire is here . The yes movement better watch out.

      • Ben

        Hate to break it to you but when D-Bry returns the fans are going to go nuts and Reigns won’t get nearly the reaction he does as the non-Cena babyface. It doesn’t help his cause that Reigns is still green on the mic and in the ring while Bryan is one of the best workers alive. I’m not saying it’ll be a situation like Batista’s, but Reigns might suffer more than anyone when Bryan comes back.

    • K!NG

      If Cena just got destroyed by brock then DB has Zero chance of even being competitive against lesnar.

  • wagdaddy

    once again Richard removes my comment, which was critical of him such a mark for the WWE instead of reporting on the match…..my comment was was well articulated, spelled correctly and void of any foul language yet when I speak out against what Richard says he feels he needs to censor me….stay classy Rich, great way to garner new customers to your ‘RAG’ site….

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Like Richard said, this is how Lesnar should have been booked from the start, WWE have such an opportunity with Lesnar.

    Let’s hope they take advantage of that, to be fair, I think we all knew Lesnar was going to win, he couldn’t have lost coming off a match with The Undertaker, but wow that was a beat down, I’ve got a lot of respect for Cena, but after Summerslam I respect the man more, the fact that he put his body on the line like that, Lesnar literally through him around, it actually looked like Cena was legitimately hurt. Cena sold all the moves really well, personally I think they both performed at a great level. It was nicely booked, Lesnar dominating Cena was a great thing, especially coming off beating The Undertaker.

    I enjoyed it, simple as that, after that I hope they alter Cena’s character slightly, no not a complete heel, just a bit more ruthless.

    What they do with Lesnar and Cena now is going to be interesting to say the least.

  • Steve pritchard

    I never said I don’t respect Cena . I have a ton of respect for the guy. But let’s face the facts . The beating he took at this years summerslam . Was wwe making up for the horrible way they booked lesnar the last time he faced Cena. I think it has little to do with Cena’s respect for taker. WWE has painted Cena as unstoppable for years. Then Brock came back . Brock’s main draw was being practically unstoppable . Then he hits the Cena wall!

  • K!NG

    what happened last night is pretty much what would happen in real life if brock fought anyone in WWE except it went longer then it would in real life

  • jus2cme

    WWE could have allowed Cena to get in more offense than what he did. Cena is the headline of the company. If they run with Lesner being dominant and Cena is no match for him, then no way on God’s green Earth should Roman Reigns be able to overcome the beast.

  • Terra Ryzing

    I’ll go on record to say I’m not a Cena fan and that I enjoyed watching that match immensely. That being said Cena has the amount of stroke where he could’ve easily vouched for the match to be more competitive but he didn’t, out of respect for the product, the streak, and selling Lesnar as unstoppable. He put his body on the line against a person who is known for a stiff style. Massive amounts of props to Cena. And props to Lesnar for serving up one of the most rugged beatdowns I’ve seen in awhile.

  • Guy

    Oh please Richard. Because Cena took 16 suplexes and for Once was squashed for a title? I don’t know what point of view you have but i thought it’s DAMN Time Cena put someone over this way. There’s guys who bust their ass alot harder than Cena and get no recogniction, and anyone Cena ever steps in the ring with besides Randy Orton finds himself descending top speed down the totempole. There’s a hell of a lot more Cena can do to make this business better as the top guy; especially not for himself.

    • Guy

      I suggest, Richard, you take a look back at how Bret, Austin, Mick Foley, Taker and Rock made others into stars at the peak of their careers. You going apeshit in 3 tweets for the minimal bumps Cena took is embarrasing.

  • Lebron

    I respect Cena the man, but I despise Cena in the ring. The man refuses to change his character, it’s been 10 goddamn years! He has enough pull to go to Vince and say “I want some change in my in-ring persona, and the fact that it hasn’t happened in 10 years speaks volumes. The fans are sick of him, he’s hacky, corny, and stale. I’m glad the fans continued to disrespect him when he was being attended by the medical staff. Thats the only way to send the message that WE WANT CHANGE.

  • Snap

    At this point, it’s not so much John Cena himself which leaves a bad taste in my mouth, it’s headlines like this which take every opportunity to say Cena “must” be respected. Should he be respected? Yes, but NEVER use the position as an editor of a website to declare your own opinion to be the only valid one. You lose all credibility by doing so. It should be common knowledge by now that you think Cena should be respected above all else, but that doesn’t mean everybody else “must” respect Cena in return.

    A crowd can chant whatever the hell they want, how does it affect you in any way? Respect Cena, don’t respect Cena, I don’t really care but DON’T try to impose your opinion onto me. It’s not a good promotional tool to entice people to subscribe to the premium content, not even for as low as a penny.