DirecTV Responds To Complaints From Viacom Negotiations

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DirecTV has responded to complaints stemming from their ongoing negotiations with Viacom. To view their response, go to

Obviously the reason this is noteworthy is due to Spike TV being a Viacom network with the possibility of DirecTV customers losing TNA programming.  These type of disputes happen during contract negotiations all the time and usually don't result in outages.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending this in.

  • Dig Baddy

    Bullcrap it doesn't. I lost FX and FSN Ohio for 3 months 2 years ago because of FOX and Dish not having an agreement.

  • kevin

    Cablevision shut off fox a few years ago too.

  • MDM

    viacom is a monopoly and a tyrant!!

    I say class action against them

  • Mr Pissed.

    really direct tv? take away Comedy Central AND spike?i couldnt care less if we lose Nickelodeon if your in a little dispute with viacom… but it really isn't a good idea to take away the leading channels 99% of your customers are watching…. Im tired of shit like this happening, we direct tv customers already lost G4TV last year due to corporate greediness.. its all Bullshit i tell ya!

  • DrAwkward

    Just switch to Dish Network, they're better than Direct TV anyway.

    • Richard Gray

      No NFL Direct Ticket which is why I have DirecTV