Dirt Sheet Android Approaching 700 Installs - Check Out The App Taking The Wrestling World By Storm

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first ever Android App called Dirt Sheet. Hitting Google Play on Tuesday, the App surpassed 500 installs on Wednesday and is quickly approaching 700. As of this writing the App has a 4.6 Average rating (out of 5) from 23 reviews. Click here to download now.

Dirt Sheet is a state-of-the-art mobile/tablet Application that features native wrestling news, WWE News, TNA News, Spoilers, Ask WNW and Results! In addition, you can browse Wrestling News World in its entirely, visit WrestlingNews.net or take advantage of our native social media feeds. You literally never have to leave the App to get your fix of pro wrestling!

The App is 100% FREE of charge and can be DOWNLOADED for Android here.

We are anxiety awaiting the release of Dirt Sheet in the Apple App store as we are Waiting for Review. As soon as the App is released, it will be available on both the iPhone and iPad we'll make an announcement here. We urge you head over to DirtSheet.com to take a look at all the features and view screenshots.

If you've already downloaded on your Android phone, please do us a favor and submit a review. Tell everyone else what they're missing!

  • Howard Stern

    I gave this beast a 5 star

  • jdl

    700 downloads is nothing to crow about, nor is it taking anything by storm. You haven’t even captured a tenth of a percent of the Android market.

    • jackkedx10

      Man what’s up your butt?? The App is great and im sure you probably have it on your phone. If it has 700 downloads already and it just got released I bet by the end of next month it will be in the thousands..

    • The guy is probably miserable jobbing at life, that he has to come here and put others down.