Disappointing WWE Star, Injury Updates On Del Rio, Christian & Mysterio, AJ Styles to WWE?, Kevin Nash vs, Undertaker

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If WWE hadn't already brought Hunico to the screen after the Blue vs. Black Sin Cara angle, do you think they would have told the audience Sin Cara's injury wasn't as severe as it is and thrown Hunico back under the mask to keep the character on TV?

That's an interesting thought and we probably will never know. Sin Cara has been one of the biggest disappointments I can remember. Triple H was heavily behind giving him a huge push to ultimately replace Rey Mysterio. His in-ring work was sub-par, he failed a WWE Wellness test and then he suffered a serious knee injury. I don't know if he'll be able to turn it around but the company clearly saw it's not easy to replace a guy like Mysterio.

Do you have injury updates on Alberto Del Rio, Christian and Rey Mysterio?

Alberto Del Rio is expected back this month, Christian is on the booking sheets for live events in April and Rey Mysterio is targeting Wrestlemania as his return date. With that being said I would be surprised if Christian is unable to go for Wrestlemania although his high ankle sprain was severe as I was told he could "barely walk" early last month.

Do you think AJ Styles will ever leave TNA for WWE?

While I cannot confirm AJ Styles' contract status I believe his current deal is up with TNA Impact Wrestling this summer. If that is the case AJ might choose to explore his options but I don't know what the interest would be like in WWE. I can confirm that WWE is "snooping around," looking for new talent. You can find out much more at this link.

Why not have Kevin Nash face off against The Undertaker and still include Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

There are a few of you out there that would like to see Kevin Nash vs. The Undertaker but I'm not one of them. Nash's knees are as bad if not worse than Undertaker’s knees and while he and Hunter had a decent match at WWE TLC, I don't think it would go over well at Wrestlemania. WWE is going to do Hunter vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year with the storyline set to progress on next week's Raw Supershow with Shawn Michaels.

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  • BollyMexCPhT

    To whoever asked the Nash Vs Taker match, are you serious my bro? You did not put much thought into that did you?

    • Blazeking

      Amen! The Kliq is meant to be seen. The "click" is not meant to be seen or heard in an entire Wrestlemania match.

    • Tim

      The WWE would have to pay me to watch Nash vs. Taker.
      Makes you wonder if they considered the idea this year seeing how he is best friends with triple h.

  • Lars Nimmegeers

    I don't get Rey Misterio, I can't stand his attitude backstage (If it is true what i have read a couple of months ago when he failed a wellness policy). Also his in ring work I do not like
    "the ultimate underdog"…

    • Theguy12

      I totally agree! His ring work is so boring … If anyone is sick John Cena’s character then you should be sick of Mysterio’s as well.

  • Rovyn

    Is there a chance Christian goes back into the main event picture right away as soon as he gets back. A Daniel Bryan vs Christian program would provide some great in ring work and with Christian being good on the mic can more than help Bryan.

    • RyderNation

      I remember before Christian got injured WWE wanted to do a Daniel Bryan vs Christian feud but to do that now you would have to have Christian face since Bryan is transitioning into a top heel on Smackdown

  • A2H

    Are you serious, bro?? Sin cara's in ring work is sub-par?? I don't think we've been watching the same shows!

    • chelu671

      What he Richard means is Luis Alvirde (Sin Cara Azul)'s ring work has been lackluster compared to his days as Mistico back in Mexico. Remember, Mexican & American wrestling are different as each style works the opposite side of the wrestler. Alvride is still used to working the Mexican style. What WWE should've done is kept him in FCW for more seasoning. Notice how impressive Hunico has been so far, working Lucha & mixing it up with ground & pound. Back to Sin Cara, you also need to realize that he doesn't speak English fluently. The miscommunication can hinder a match if the other wrestlers involved can't understand him.

      I agree with Sin Cara's work being subpar so far. I'm not going to give up on him yet, though.

      • A2H

        I agree about him not doing typical wwe. But wasnt he supposed to bring in “unprecedented style” as the wwe said in their proms. I found his lucha libre skills quite impressive, and i think its a shame to see hunico drop that style ever since he dropped his mask!

    • Professor Rick Craig

      Sin Cara's ring work has been sub-par. He has botched more spots than I care to remember. Richard is absolutely correct.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I think Sin Cara is a good wrestler he has to be for WWE to sign him and he is popular and a star in Mexico.

  • CornDawg

    I pray we never see Kevin Nash At another WM, much less getting spot like working with Booger Red. (look it up)

  • Jaryd

    Richard, just wondering but what do you think about Sin Cara's failure to perform in WWE? I watched so many videos of him on youtube when he was Mistico and he was just absolutely phenomenal. When he came to WWE and it didn't seem to click I put it down to him not being able to adjust to the WWE style straight away… but then it just went on and on and he ended up looking like a guy you see at an Indy show that just attempts every high spot he can think of without much accuracy.

  • spike westphal

    remember desiel aka keven nash vs undertaker at wrestlemaina 12 or 11 i can't remember that was a pretty bad match

  • Rich119uk

    Rey mysterio is one of the best wrestlers ever. His style is iconic and as cm punk said he makes a wrestler look ten times better than they actually are. A true great.

    • Dangerous Lee

      That’s probably due to his small size. Anybody can pick him up, throw him around, and pretty much do whatever they want with him.

  • jcud_theSaint

    No disrespect to Nash, but he's better off throwing another Wrestlemania party to compete with Dibiase's Posse Tailgate.

  • Ant

    A.J. Styles leaving TNA for WWE would be like Robin Van Persie leaving arsenal for Manchester City.

  • @jblack424

    I have strong feelings about hhh vs taker but nash now that would blow. I wouldn’t mind a nash appearence but no match. I just don’t know how he would fit. Sincara has struggled but he will get better with time. We have to remember that he is more risk taking then mysterio and less time with main stars. Its different facing a bryan or punk as the are more grounded attacking. A sincara comes from diffrerent style I feel a lot of wwe vets aren’t used to. Chemistry if the get that down he could be pushed if they even really care that much about him now. Like most said he struggled and vince will pull a guy for that. Who ever is attacking rey probably is some of his old biggest fans. Its hard to move your body all around especially if your on your back years and truly injury prone. Its nothing bad as when he is healthy is a main face and does moves that need skills to pull off a lot. He is 5’5 or so and for age and body conditions does pretty good. Also a fun fact aj stlyes once lost to hurricane helms I believe but was certainly shane helms squashed him on sunday night heat I can’t fully remember but something I remember that it did happen. Don’t know year or what helms charactered but he lost on aunday night heat vs helms.

  • TheVoid

    Have you heard anything to confirm or deny the rumors of Undertaker vs Goldberg or Lesnar this year? I know Goldberg said he wants to return at the end of last year in a YouTube interview.

  • stoney

    Sin Cara is WWE's biggest waste of money since Scott Steiner

    • outkazt09

      what!?! Scott Steiner is gold.

      • sforester

        You can paint it gold, jack it up, and hype it up…. but in the end, a turd is still a turd and that's exactly what Big Poppa Pump has been lately, taking nothing away from his previous work. It's time for him to retire gracefully.

        • @RatedMKD

          WWE put Booker T on commentary just about a year ago now. I'm surprised TNA hasn't tried to follow them down that path with Steiner. If people think Booker's commentary is like watching a car wreck, I can only imagine how Steiner would go down in the commentary booth!

  • Blazeking

    See, I wasn't the only one who thought WWE should have milked the Azul vs Negro story longer. They should have never let Negro lose his mask. He should have just lost the name "Sin Cara" and have been forced to wear the black and call himself by his current name, Hunico. He already gimmicked the fans at one live show by wearing Azul's gear after he was unmasked…. Imagine if he still had the black mask underneath.

    Blown storyline :-/

  • william

    HHH/The Undertaker 3?!?! Damn creative is lazy!!

    • AJ SIDD

      Think of it like this (Storyline-wise)… does HHH wanna be the only one to go down 0-3 vs Taker???

    • The arbiter

      I'm thinking of it as undertaker vs DX 5

      • AJ SIDD

        LOL…now that you put it like that.

        I'm still hoping for Taker to face Cena @ WM before he retires… "The Streak vs Superman."