Disciplinary Actions In WWE, Celebrities At Wrestlemania XXVIII, Yokozuna & The Rock, Cena Front Row & Center Coming Soon

Following The Miz's failure to catch R-Truth on Monday, does the WWE have some sort of disciplinary system in place for this or is backstage heat usually enough to make the talent realize their actions aren't acceptable?

When a worker messes up to the extent The Miz did on Monday night, they will hear about it. If something like this happens at a live event, the producers will talk with the worker about it and if it's bad enough, will report back to upper management. Triple H met with The Miz backstage about the spot with R-Truth on Monday and wasn't happy about it. As far as disciplinary systems are concerned, it depends on the incident. Mistakes can hurt a worker's status and can alter the way they are booked. It could be something as simple as doing a couple of jobs or as serious as dropping a title.

Are there plans to have a guest host at Wrestlemania XXVIII this year like The Rock did for Wrestlemania XXVII last year?

There was talk during the NBA lockout of bringing in LeBron James to guest host Wrestlemania XXVIII this year as WWE has been interested in him for years. When the lockout ended so did the plans and WWE began negotiations with Shaquille O'Neal to do a possible celebrity bout with Big Show. It appears that is the direction they are going in with a mainstream celebrity but there could always be someone else added for the guest host role.

What type of relationship does The Rock have with Yokozuna where he will potentially be inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

Yokozuna's real name was Rodney Agatupu Anoaʻi – he was a member of the famous Anoaʻi family and was cousins with The Rock. As of yesterday the rumored plan was for The Rock to induct Yokozuna posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame, however, he has not been officially announced.

Do you think John Cena is being hid in the background too much before Wrestlemania due to his big match with The Rock; to some fans it appears WWE are making him appear weak?

I haven't been a fan of John Cena's program with Kane but everything that has happened is going to play a role in the direction WWE is going to go in with his character while feuding with The Rock. Cena won't be in the background much longer as he'll be front row and center with The Rock advertised for numerous editions of Raw Supershow's heading into their Wrestlemania XXVIII main event.

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  • mark3man

    Not really happy with rock inducting yokozuna.When he inducted his dad/grandma he kinda over shadowed the rest of the hof. So this isn’t bashing the rock its kind if a back handed praise, this hof seems like the best ever, and really looking forward to Ron Simmons, the 3 horsemenand specially edge, just don’t like the thought of it become a rock special again.

    • Matt Scott

      You do mean the 4 Horseman right?

      • Mike

        Maybe since Flair's already in the HOF, it's really just the other three.

    • mark3man

      Grandad not grandma

      • mark3man

        Nope 3. I’ve seen flair inducted before, while he needs to be part of this i would love the other 3 to be the spotlight not flair.

        • Frenchfry

          They are being inducted as a group, so its still the Four Horsemen, lol…..

      • Eiji


    • Wrestlingbuff2012

      Proof read much? But all in all, it’s great to have the Rock, who is a Samoan wrestler, as well as Yokozuna, induct Yokozuna into the Hall of Fame. It would be great too, if they would have Rikishi, Samu, and maybe even the Uso brothers on stage for the induction as well.

      • cristina

        It's too bad they wouldn't allow Undertaker to break character…for you kids out there too young to remember, Taker and Yoko's wars were legendary. I think Undertaker would be a prime choice to induct his former rival…but I don't know if he could do it in character, and I doubt they'd let him do it out of character.

  • Dave Barton

    I wonder how much talking to, discipline, and backstage heat HHH got when he accidentally split Taker’s head at WM17? Or when he used a chair shot to Taker’s head at last year’s WM?

    • havoc525

      For last year they were both fined for the head shots. At 17 it was likely planned.

      • TakerMania

        No at WM17
        Taker was busted wide open for REAL it wasn't planned at all

        • Dave Barton

          I remember HHH saying on a dvd that WM17 was the only time he used a fake sledgehammer, because the headshot when Taker lifted him for the Last Ride was planned ahead of time…and that it was also the only time he legit busted someone open with it.

          And yeah, I know they were both fined last year, but does anyone seriously think they got the same “talking to” or heat as others?

    • bruno

      he is incharge, you expect him to put heat on himself??

    • cristina

      Well I'm not sure there were such strict rules about headshots back at the time of WM17. Nowadays it's different though

  • Mike

    It seems really strange to me that the Miz might get disciplined for failing to catch R-Truth on Raw. It was an accident. If they had some sort of personal beef I could understand someone ripping into Miz like there was no tomorrow, but for an accident? It's pro wrestling. It's a risky industry. All workers know this. If they don't, then they shouldn't be in the industry at all. That fall looked like it hurt like hell for R-Truth, and while the Miz might be quite happy with the result, I'm sure that Mike Mizanin, the person, feels like shit for missing the catch. That would surely be enough of a punishment for an accident.

    • Coopapalooza

      I agree he’ll feel like potted crap but ignorance is no excuse. This wasnt him missing his mark for a run in or tripping over himself on the mic. Killings could have legit been paralysed. How he escaped without at least a commission is beyond me. I think a formal fine would be too much but when talent screws up to the extent Miz did then they should know about it. It obviously played on his mind as he bumped to thin air when working the double clothesline spot with Jericho.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if
      He’ll be jobbing the next few eerksz

  • Simze

    I saw an interview where hhh talked about that he said since taker had him in place for the last ride he didn’t want to use a real sledge hammer that high up so the top wasn’t metal so the wood came through the sterophone and cut taker

  • BigMike

    I understand where people are coming from with the whole horsemen induction BUT I need all to understand THERE IS NO 4 HORSEMEN WITHOUT FLAIR!!! bottom line end of story as for the Rock inducting Yoko its a FAMILY member and its for ratings and as for the horsefaced moron known as the MIZ he screwed up others have been "future endeavored" for such Botches in the past he needs to be fully aware of this and take it seriously

  • sean

    I see this feud with Kane altering Cena's chartacter not a heel turn but darkening his character