Divas Shine, RVD’s New Contract, Ziggler Dropping The Title, WWE & TNA PPVs

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What's your reaction to AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn at WWE Payback? I thought it was one of the best Divas matches in a long time.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn worked hard and delivered a good match Sunday night at WWE Payback. I was interested to see what AJ would look like, given the fact she Tweeted that she was very ill the night before. Here was my reaction that I posted on Facebook: It's awesome to see when people that have worked extremely hard get rewarded. Congrats to AJ Lee, the new #WWE Divas Champion. Good match with Kaitlyn as well! #WWEPayback. Send me a friend request on Facebook at this link to talk wrestling, sports and anything else.

Is Rob Van Dam going to have a full time contract when returning to WWE?

I do not know the terms of Rob Van Dam's new WWE contract but he has a deal that will see him return to the company at WWE Money in the Bank next month. They're likely waiting until the pay-per-view  so he can fulfill his independent dates. We've highly publicized RVD's return to the company and interest in his services.  He's not expected to work the full-time schedule and his deal is not believed to be long-term.

Did Dolph Ziggler lose the World Heavyweight Championship because of injury?

Dolph Ziggler was cleared to compete and what you saw at WWE Payback was storyline. I know people get sensitive when WWE incorporates concussions into storylines but the stuff done at the pay-per-view was pre-planned and scripted. I'm not thrilled about taking the title off Ziggler so soon but I understand why they did it. WWE is pulling a double switch with Alberto Del Rio to turn him back heel. I'll have more in my Richard Reacts to WWE Payback.

Is it possible for WWE and TNA to have a pay-per-view on the same night?

I'm not sure with the pay-per-view carriage agreements that it's possible to have two wrestling pay-per-views in the same timeslot on the same night, however, why would TNA want to do that in the first place? Pay-per-view buys are hard enough to come by without direct competition from the largest wrestling promotion on the planet. TNA is best served to work around WWE as they do currently.

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  • K!ng

    So Richard what to you think of John Cena being pinned by Ryback cleanly in the first fall of the 3 stages of Hell Match?

    • Expected. They had to give Ryback something to continue to make him relevant. We talked about this heavily on WNW Premium as being “even-steven” booking.

      • sheamus fan

        Richard who do you think are the candidates to win the mitb briefcases?

        • sir-rusty82

          Wow atleast wait until who is in the matches

          • sheamus fan

            Well I thought Richard would have an idea I think fandango,cristian,Ambrose and sheamus are a few

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Clean??? I hardly consider a lumberjack match to be a straight up match. Cena can’t loose clean ever, unless its to Dwayne.

      • MohammadAbulawi

        Cena vs Sheamus TLC 09, Orton vs Cena vs HHH WM 24 GAB 08 cean vs jbl, SS Cena vs Batista. these are just a few PPV loses that cena took CLEAN

      • TheBigKing1

        And don’t forget Punk too. I believe he beat Cena clean before.

  • Owen Hall

    After the Survivor Series/Starrcade fiasco from 1987, I think we’re pretty much guaranteed that there will never be two wrestling pay-per-views on the very same night ever again.

  • Charles

    Because he’s had more mainstream success than any wrestler primarily from ECW Rob Van Dam is probably perceived as the biggest “Paul Heyman guy” of them all. A Curtis Axel feud is fairly obvious but hopefully they do more.

  • Craig

    Richard do u think that with Jericho saying he found Christian do u see him returning tonight on raw?? I was hoping he would come back at payback but obviously that didn’t

    • Craig


      • Hercules Rockerfeller

        My guess is he won’t come back tonight.

      • TheBigKing1

        Who the hell is voting you down? Lol

  • Chris

    It would seem Illinois is the land of the double turn, could last night be Austin/Hart 2.0?

  • Loren Goldstein

    I wonder if the fact that the Divas got the time and put out the match that they did was in response to how people felt about the Knockouts match from TNA’s ppv?

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    The world heavyweight title match was probably the most intriguing match of the night because we saw something that doesn’t happen very often which looked to be a double turn. I wish They would have done the same finish to the Austin/Hart match where Del Rio has Ziggler in the cross arm breaker and ref calls for the bell and Del Rio doesn’t let go. But then eventually does. But then proceeds on giving Ziggler a post match beat down. I’m not so excited about Del Rio turning heel because I like him better as a Babyface but whatever, as long as he’s got the title! VIVA DEL RIO!

  • Ricky

    To me Del Rio as a face always seemed weird, I liked it but he seems more comfortable as a heel.

    I like RVD, but if he returns will he do his stoner gimmick and how well will that get over in the PG era? He could always be mister Laid Back, but I liked him best in his Stoner Gimmick.

    • Matt

      Um the stoner gimmick wasnt really a gimmick, RVD has long been a advocate for pot. If i remember he even failed a drug test or 2 testing positive for pot.

      • TheBigKing1


  • Chris Burr

    Epic PPV

    I smell a AJ Lee-Katilyn Double turn of the Austin/Hart level

    • sheamus fan

      Was definitely of the level of mania epic

  • Baby Sabrina

    I may not be a big Ziggler fan , but I just watched last nights match Ziggler sold his a55 off , was screaming at tv to make the ref stop the match….

  • Alexi

    I don’t understand the point of taking the title off Ziggler as it makes no sense (considering they did’t strip him) and is,essentially, a slap in the face to him as he has clearly worked hard to get to the main event. The WWE obviously has no confidence in him, and if I was Ziggler I would seriously question my future.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah that was stupid. At least have him hold it til MITB. Damn!

      • Coodakarri

        Yea I agree but one idea came to my mind was if he got a rematch at mitb, he lose again then take someone out of the wwe title mitb and cash in on cena after his match to be wwe champion.

  • jdl

    Ziggler turning face will kill his momentum; he’s a natural heel. He’s also not strong enough on the mic to really be able to sell that turn, nor can his attitude that makes him stand out really cross over. Turning him face is a terrible, terrible idea. Could care less about Del Rio’s turn.