Divas vs. Knockouts, How I Get Info, Cena/MITB Fail, WWE Releasing Goldberg DVD

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Where do you see the WWE Divas division going and what is your take on the difference between them and the TNA Knockouts?

WWE is conducting focus groups, asking fans what they want to see with the Divas heading into the new year. The WWE philosophy with Divas has never been built around athletic in-ring matches, even when the division was stocked with viable in-ring talent, matches often left a lot to be desired. Vince McMahon's mentality with the Divas has always been to use them more for their looks than their talent. The difference between the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts is Knockouts have more athletic wrestling matches but this has become less than common under the leadership of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.

Where do you get your inside information?

I have been in this business since 1999 and have compiled a detailed list of sources and connections over the years. My days are spent working the phones and going through emails and text messages to bring readers the best experience possible. I get a tremendous amount of information each week but it's up to me to go through it all and post what is relevant to you.

Why did WWE have John Cena "cash in" at Raw 1000 rather than a surprise "cashing in" like we've seen with Money in the Bank winders int he past?

WWE wanted John Cena to challenge for the WWE Championship on the 1000th episode of Raw thus they did what they did with the MITB briefcase. I didn't like how the match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was only open to former champions. The MITB ladder match has always been about elevating up and coming talent and they went against that this year with the WWE Championship briefcase. In my opinion it took away from the match and one can only hope Dolph Ziggler is booked better.

Is it true WWE has plans to release a Goldberg DVD next year and if so, do you see him appearing to promote it?

Yes, WWE has plans to release a DVD highlighting the career of Bill Goldberg with a tentative release date of June 25, 2013. There is always a possibly Goldberg signs on to appear but I wouldn't hold my breath. He doesn't have a good relationship with Vince McMahon or Triple H and has always wanted too much money.

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  • So has everyone forgotten about RVD doing the same thing when he won the briefcase?

    • Richard Gray

      RVD won the title?

      • Maxx Stylez

        Lol. Yes RVD did back at One Night Stand 2006 by calling out Cena, but this is Vince’s “fans forget stories over a year old” mentality.

        • Scott

          RVD did, but RVD was not in a former wwe champions only MITB ladder match, is what he is getting at. Cena is being the typical babyface that was killed in the attitude era with The Rock, being the last one, before Cena with Rocky Mavia. Cena's 7 year old fans are not going to turn on him if he didn't do it "the right way", but that is the PG babyface & WWE wonders why their ratings are down. WWE caters to the kids & slowly detract the 18 to 34 demographic, i mean what adult likes to have their intelligence insulted, by the stupid kid stuff Cena does anyway

          • partyjereme

            The main reason the ratings are down is because every year it takes more and more viewers to get the same ratings they were getting the previous year, it has very little to do with what you said.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Wwe shd introduce mitbs for other titles eg us, intercontinental, tagteam n divas

    • Doug

      wouldnt that be like TNA with their 4 breifcases ?

      • Snap

        Yeah, but that also included a briefcase which "fired" the guy who drew the shortest straw. I could see WWE doing something where John Cena gets one of the cases, turns out it's the one which "fires" him and he shows up later as Corny Man.

        But, yes, to elaborate on the above regarding RVD. He was not only the first to give advance notice but he gave a MONTH notice. Of course, WWE would like us to forget about that with RVD being in TNA at the moment. Revisionist history is definitely one thing WWE does better than ANYBODY else.

        I think having MITB for anything but the top championships would not only cheapen the match but also negate its effect of elevating (if even for the short term, in cases like Jack Swagger) talent to the top of the card. Cena is one person who gains absolutely nothing from MITB and it just gives him a title match will he will get regardless of whether he has a briefcase or not, which also makes him the one person who wouldn't lose any momentum by failing to successfully win a title with the MITB contract.

        When it comes to TLC, Cena really has nothing to gain by winning Dolph's briefcase whereas Dolph has everything to lose and would benefit the most from such a victory over Cena. For Cena, he would be putting Dolph over big time and I think that would be a greater accomplishment than yet another title match. Cena also has nothing to lose by putting Dolph over because Cena fans will still be Cena fans whether he wins or loses and people who dislike Cena may respect him a bit more for putting someone else over and making them look good.

  • Matt

    Its a shame that WWE and even now TNA is misusing the female talent that they have. I feel they should allow the women that are good in ring and on mic do their thing. Let those that arent good in ring but on mic do that. If all they are is a pretty face that can get involved once in a while let them do that. Goldberg career dvd? what are they gonna show? How Bischoff found him and then got a man crush and gave him a path to the title and fame during a time when you could have pushed a watermelon in the same way and it would have gotten over.
    Cena needs to turn heel or retire imho i and alot of people are getting beyond tired of the same crap.

  • BigD

    What are the relationship issues with Goldberg and Triple H?

  • Dave Barton

    I would think releasing a Sting set would make more sense. Would likely sell more, introduce him to younger fans, and make more interest in Sting vs Taker…could be a factor in finally luring Sting to WWE.

    • sean

      not while sting is in tna

      • Dave Barton

        Why not? They've been using him in their WCW-themed dvd sets for the last 10 years.

  • Stoney

    I don't know how WWE misused Goldberg, he had the same streak he had in WCW and was world heavyweight champion.

  • The Big Organ

    I don’t mean to be a penis Richard, but I felt like you never answered the second question, all you did was give the run around. I’m sure you have insiders with the wwe, surely a writer, or a producer or someone who has ways of finding out storylines and all. I’m not expecting you to give names and point out who cuz then you’d go out of business but come on man, if your not gonna really answer a question, why even feature it? I’ve tried so many times to get questions of mine answers and these were relevant questions mind you! I just wish you had more sense in picking these questions. Sorry for coming across like a penis. Your welcome!

    • Snap

      Reading over it again, I think he actually answered it quite well while avoiding giving away his contacts. I mean, it should be obvious that he will never name his sources or even specifically say they come from people in WWE, because he's stated people from WWE do read the site so it would not be a good situation if they learn someone in the company is providing info they're trying to keep from getting leaked. If I had to wager, it's because he never reveals any sort of specifics that he's able to get the amount of info he does so people asking him for such specifics or even clues is like asking him to call it a day and close down the site.