Dixie Carter Addresses Billy Corgan ‘Buying’ TNA Wrestling Rumors

The Tennessean has a new article online featuring quotes from Dixie Carter on the rumors of Billy Corgan being a potential buyer for TNA Wrestling. We never put much into the story but here’s what Dixie had to say about it:

“Since we have been in business going on 12 years now, this has been an ongoing (speculation), ‘Oh, we’re going out of business. We’re not going to make it,’ ” Carter said. “Ever since we started, people were taking odds on how long we would last. This last time I think a lot of it was perpetuated by a story that Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins was going to buy it.

“I texted Billy and I said, ‘Oh really, so you’re going to buy my company? Are you excited? That’s cool.’ And he said, ‘Oh, don’t you love rumors.’ ”

The article goes on to discuss TNA’s new #Impact365 strategy and how badly the pro wrestling business needs it to pay off, a sentiment that more than a few of us share. You can read the piece in its entirety at this link.

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  • Its just Teddy

    Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
    And what do I get, for my pain?

    Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage

  • Chad

    “My parents company”*
    Fixed that for you Dixie

  • DW

    Dixie Carter having the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins on her cell and being able to text him freely is odd….

    • Nostaljack

      Makes *zero* sense, no?