Dixie Carter Affirms Brooke Hogan Won't Be Wrestling, Says TNA Is Looking To Contract To 6-8 PPVs A Year, Taking Impact Wrestling Live

Dixie Carter was on a conference call today to promote Impact Wrestling airing live in the 8 PM timeslot on Spike TV tomorrow night. Below are the highlights:

  • Dixie said Brooke Hogan will be not wrestling but is there to help get some attention on the product.
  • She doesn't feel the company needs to do 12 pay-per-views a year and TNA is currently negotiating their pay-per-view contracts. When asked about the ideal number of pay-per-views, she said six to eight is a possibility.
  • Dixie said it was her that approached Spike TV about the idea of going live every week during the summer.
  • She said the workers prefer the four sided ring and as MMA gets more popular, there's some confusion between the two. There is still a possibility they bring back the 6-sided ring for special events.
  • Jimmy Jay will replace the departing Don West.
  • A "major announcement" for tomorrow's Impact was hyped.
  • Dixie said TNA would be making an announcement regarding the location of Bound for Glory 2012 within the next few weeks.
  • Dixie said they are concerned about making all 12 weeks this summer special and they haven't talked to Spike TV about going live beyond those dates.
  • thatguy

    Why would anyone assume that brooke would be wrestling? Wasn't the press release clear enough?

  • CJ ROB

    Why is it that every time Dixie gets interviewed there is some MAJOR announcement on the next impact?

  • James M>>>

    Why would anyone assume Brooke would help get attention on the product. I think anyone with half a brain cell realizes its just a way for hogan to get attention on his daughter. Which goes to show you the brain capacity of a certain Dixie.

  • Khalkaroth

    So her job is to seek attention for the company? Can't really say they hired the wrong person.

  • outkazt09

    Good move on showing less than 12 PPVs a year. it gives more time on building storylines towards the PPVs.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    yeah right. whateva Baby wants, Baby gets. We all know how this'll go… and end.

  • Jim

    So Bischoff and Hogan can get their kids high profile jobs with the company, but Russo couldn't? Guess that shows what Dixie thought of ol' Vince. I'm no fan of Russo, but that is pretty messed up considering the amount of time he had put in with the company compared to that of Hogan and Bischoff.

    I just don't see this working out well for TNA. All it is doing is giving Brooke a consistant pay check. Unlike her music career. She isn't even under qualified for this job. She's more of the no qualifications type. Just because she's Hogan's daughter I guess she's supposed to have inheritted knowledge of the wrestling business or something. Because she sure hasn't put in any kind of work to earn this position. Though I could think of a few other "positions" I'd like to see her in…lol