Dixie Carter Comments On Ric Flair Attending WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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Ric Flair's Public Relations firm, Legacy Talent and Entertainment, issued the following press release about their client attending this weekend's WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. TNA President Dixie Carter issues a comment. The release is available in its entirety below:

CHARLOTTE, NC – (March 27, 2012) International celebrity the Nature Boy® Ric Flair is set to become the only wrestler in history to be inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame twice. Flair’s dominant 1980s wrestling group, the Four Horsemen, known to be the greatest in ring performers of all time, will be granted their seat in the Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Miami, FL on March 31st, the day before Wrestlemania XXVIII. Flair will be inducted along-side fellow members of the Four Horsemen: Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and J.J. Dillon.

The news of Flair’s second induction was followed by a firestorm of controversy. Questions flew about whether Flair would attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony as he is currently under contract with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. Understanding what a huge honor this is for Flair, TNA is graciously supporting him in the decision to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony alongside his fellow inductees. “Being inducted once was one of the greatest accomplishments of my career, so I’m humbled and honored to be recognized again. I wouldn’t miss the ceremony for the world,” says Flair.

TNA President Dixie Carter says, “We are proud of Ric’s many accomplishments and contributions he has made to the world of professional wrestling and beyond. We wish to congratulate him on yet another honor he truly deserves.”

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

  • Moist Farts Stink!!


  • John

    TNA should have their own Hall of Fame but it should be called The TNA Hall of Shame. The first inductee…DIXIE CARTER!

    • Wwe4L76


  • Salvatore

    I really appreciate how tastefully this was all done.

  • Hitman310

    Class act by Dixie Carter. I bet if it was the other way around Vince would of had his lawyers all over Flair and forbidding from even speaking the words TNA.

  • kevin

    Dixie carter = class act.

  • Noah

    Good Dixie didn’t make a big deal about it

  • mjledesma


  • Logan_Walker

    I Know that he will be inducted Twice and TNA is being good with this becuase if it was vince well lets just say there is no HOF for TNA so this would never happen

  • Dojo

    Tbh I don’t think Dixie had a choice……….. If it was Matt Morgan she would never had allowed it (ok I know the thought of Morgan in the HOF at this time is not that likely ;)) the reason??? Cos Flair is not only a legend but THE legend……….. & any association with him is great exposure for the company…..

    • HATER

      Thats what I was thinking

    • OMG its KANE KANE KANE whats he doing here his from smackdown, lol that made me laugh, your right about them over doing it, not like kane has long left RAW waanyy, im no longer surprised when other brand wrestlers show up on another show.

    • kelly has improved a lot look back at her when she was first tserwling in 2008 plus lately she has not had much tv time i honestly look at kelly kelly and see someone if they had the right trainer someone like a bret hart , dean malenko or a true technician she and brooke tessmacher could be much better they need work unlike someone like eve torres who uses here Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in her tserwling matches and can pull of some wonderful maneuvers

  • painofdemise

    I think this actually looks better on TNAs part for letting Rick go into the HoF again. He’s being inducted again and people might stop and think, wait he’s with TNA. So they may get a few more viewers out of this.

  • Mazin

    I Feel Rics Deal Is To only Show Up At The HOF But Not Wrestlemania

  • Ryder

    Flair at least needs to plug TNA at the HOF some how

  • Dojo

    I will lmfao if Flair mentions tna………… You can imagine the cut scene to VKM lol

  • Hi Kelley, no need to apologize. You didn’t fnfeod me at all. In fact, I get it all the time I’m used to it. Anyway, I’m glad you found this site and I hope you find it informative.