Dixie Carter Confirms Doug Williams Is Headed To OVW To Train Talent

Dixie Carter confirmed Wednesday on Twitter that Doug Williams will begin training TNA prospects in Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW is the promotion's official developmental territory. Below is the Tweet:


  • My name is?

    Wonder if he's retiring from in ring action

  • matt

    send Garrett Bischoff to OVW so he can learn how to wrestle

    • CrankyVince

      Really! Just leave him, Alex Silva, and Robbie T there in OVW. They’re just taking up roster space. Man, if only the days when TNA still utilized talents from other promotions were still around.

      • andyouwill

        LOL at silva talking space when he didnt even debut yet. Robbie T barely gets 2 minutes of screentime every week. Same for Bishoff. But, alas, the IWC bitch on.