Dixie Carter Encouraging WWE To Fight IOC Decision

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As part of TNA Wrestling's campaign to fight the International Olympic Committee's decision to drop wrestling from the Olympics in 2020, TNA President Dixie Carter is calling on WWE to act in a statement published here on ImpactWrestling.com:

“We need to join together right now. We encourage our own IMPACT WRESTLING community, WWE and wrestling organizations worldwide as well as competitive amateur coaches and athletes to have a unified voice to make sure wrestling will be an Olympic sport in 2020.”

For Kurt Angle's reaction, click here.

  • Maybe President Obama can intervene on this matter. He already made his feelings known about the safety issues in the NFL. He has enough power to change some opinions on this IOC/Wrestling issue.

    • shwo

      anything to distract from real issues, he probably will get involved…he should be doing his job

    • WNW Fan

      Thats it…get the government involved…right. Thats the problem with people nowadays. Everybody thinks the government can fix everything. To much government involvement is whats hurting this county. I respect your opinion but I personally think Obama and the government is a sick joke. Like another guy said, anything to distract from the real issues. Name one thing our government has ever “made better” after they got involved?

      • Cory

        OH I know this one not a damn thing

  • Michael

    I don’t know if wwe joining them in this fight would help or hurt them. If you think about it a wrestling company can fight this all they want but unless the government gets involved they don’t stand a chance. Best case scenario they win and wrestling is back in the olympics, another best for both Tna and Wwe this makes amateur wrestlers turn professionals faster.

  • Lawsuit against WWE, then ask for help. Smart…

    • the arbiter

      Yes, because this is a thing that will hurt both of them long term. Its business.

      • Wow, without you explaining that I couldn’t have thought of that myself.

        • The Arbiter

          To admit your failings as a person is a step forward. Well done 🙂

        • Pluto

          I’ve seem some of your comments and your probably the worst troll on this site. Teach

  • Alex P

    I just don’t understand the logic behind cutting wrestling. I know they want to streamline and cut costs…and maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t see wrestling as an expensive sport compared to some of the Olympic Sports out there.

    I currently do public relations for a college athletics department. While the school I work at doesn’t have wrestling (never has), it is in the process of going through a transformation in which it cut quite a few sports programs to cut costs, but ultimately bring in more popular sports to the area. With that said, I understand why the IOC would want to cut costs especially after the London Olympics cost $14 billion, but I don’t understand why wrestling which seems to be a cheaper sport.

    • LeftyTosser

      While wrestling as a sport, college or high school, doesn’t cost much to put a team together, but it brings in zero money to the school. When was the last time you went to an event with a college or HS teams competing? The only folks there are the parents that watch their kids. I know college programs that are top flight programs year in and year our, but they still have no one attending.
      I don’t agree with the IOC decision and I do think it will hurt amateur wrestling, but I do understand the logic behind the drop.

      • Alex P

        A lot of sports don’t bring in money to schools though…you be surprised by the amount of Division I football programs that DON’T turn profit because of the amount of money that is spent on recruiting, travel, marketing, etc. (not many programs do…even the big ones). A lot of schools are cutting football because it costs too much and it doesn’t bring in enough money.

        Your argument about popularity is definitely a good one..but let me ask you a question in return, when was the last time you went to a badminton event with a college or HS team competing? I mean I can honestly say I actually went to a wrestling event at my old HS about 3 weeks ago…but a sport like badminton definitely isn’t an NCAA sport nor a HS sport (at least in the high schools I know it’s a gym activity). Why does a sport like badminton get to stay in the Olympics while a sport like wrestling doesn’t.

        Like I said, I see it from your perspective and I do the logic on the IOC side of it…but it could’ve definitely been a different sport.

  • Shawn Ng

    For once, I agree with Dixie Carter.

  • Stoney

    Dixie Carter Vs Sarah Palin Vs Paris Hilton for the title of dumbest bitch on earth who would win?

  • Cory

    I enjoy both professional wrestling and amateur wrestling and it is always great to see it in the Olympics but to cut a sport that has been around for hundreds of years is moronic. These college wrestlers hope to one day go to the Olympics to represent their country in a sport they thrive in and now the ioc is saying nope choose something else I think that if we have Olympic walking then we should have wrestling. I do believe having Kurt Angle and a few other Olympic wrestlers state a case that may work but WWE and TNA stating a case may in fact hurt the chances of wrestling still being apart of the Olympics because people still to this day look at WWE and (if they even look at TNA) as fake