Dixie Carter Explains Hogan Isn't In Control Of TNA, More On Destination X

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Dixie Carter recently did an interview with Wrestletalk TV in the United Kingdom. In it, she explained that Hulk Hogan is not in control of TNA Wrestling. You can watch her comments at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

Speaking of Carter, she wrote the following on Twitter regrading Destination X 2013:

  • dunlap84

    When u look up BS in the dictionary attached should be a pic of Dixie Carter because what she said is just that.

  • Nostaljack

    Dixie: Hogan isn’t in control of TNA…and neither am I.

  • jdl

    Hogan may not have “in charge” as part of his job description, but you can tell he’s “making suggestions” and Dixie follows through on them without any thought. It really is rather pathetic as Dixie clearly has no idea what she’s doing and just tosses money at people to do it for her.

  • Stoney

    She just listens to everything Hulk Hogan says. Hulk hogan doesn’t know what’s rights for business, hulk hogan only knows what’s right for hulk hogan

    • Razmos

      Im just wondering…..do you work for TNA? Because you seem to think you know whats going on, i mean how do you know that Hogan is having this much input on things? Ok so he got rid of the 6 sided ring, it was stupid anyway, but what else would you say he doing? To be fair i think TNA is a much better product than it use to be

      • Robert Olley

        Look at the storylines,the way young talent is booked,the general set up is virtually a carbon copy of what hogan and bischoff had in wcw. Tna is miles better than it was 5 years ago but imo its because of kurt angle,the dudleys etc who have been in the business and make others look good

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    So, Hogan isn’t in control of TNA? Dixie, don’t tell me he owns it now…

  • LBP365

    Hopefully, this is the beginning of them putting a person in that don’t have to be apart of every storyline Hulk can be the commissioner, Dixie the head, but a GM that set up the matches that’s a type NUFF SAID and that’s it and don’t see that person till the next show and for yall that would claim it would be a copy if it make sense use it. People, ALL PEOPLE LIKE THINGS THAT MAKE SENSE. Hogan apart of every storyline over shines his position NOTICE Vince picks his spots and then back off (even not to be seen for a few weeks at a time).

  • Just Saying

    No guys .. Bishoff runs TNA!..