Dixie Carter Gives The Latest Update On Jesse Sorensen's Condition

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TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter posted the following update on Jesse Sorensen on her Facebook page:

Jesse Sorensen has sustained a C1 vertebrae fracture with spinal cord edema. He is slowly regaining feeling and movement in his arms and legs. He wants to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Once we speak to the neurosurgeon, we will pass on more details.

Wrestling News World will continue to give updates on the situation as information becomes available.

  • Coopapalooza

    I’m no physician but hearing about fractured vertebrae and spinal damage gives me the shivers. Thoughts are with the kid. Hope Ion has been to visit him.

  • gitrdone1691

    Im not a huge follower of him but I do wish him the best during his recovery.

  • AJG316

    Best of luck to Jesse Sorensen in a speedy and effective recovery. Good Luck

  • eurosario

    It’s a possible career ender in any profession

  • He’s very, very lucky he’s not dead

  • Dougie

    Good luck kid

  • Maze

    I have been involved in this business for over 13 years and this is devastating and I hope for a speedy full recovery.

  • Darren

    I’m not trying to put anyone in the wrong here. Everyone knows this is a risky spot and things can happen. I haven’t been watching tna for a few months but I came across the ppv and had no idea who Zema Ion was. I’m unaware if this a trademark move he has where he delivers knees to the head during a moonsault or if this was a botched move. But does anyone else feel this incident could have happened if they had performed this spot in the entrance way where there is more space to work with? I feel if they were in the entrance way instead of the ringside area so close to the guardrail, he could have extended fully and Sorensen would have more of more of a routine catch. Thoughts anyone?

  • 7028brethart

    Wow you read about what happened to this kid and think that could have happened to R Truth as well. Hope this kid recovers.

  • Mrpopandlock

    The R Truth spot was a lucky escape. Just annoys me Miz is taking all the blame.
    Truth was almost certainly out of position too. Miz texted slowly but didn’t expect to have to dive under truth. He stood up an Truth was not there.
    I’m not saying he shouldnt be held partly responsible, just not totally.
    In a business such as pro wrestling mistakes will sometimes be made. You can only try and make them as few as possible.

    Back to topic I wish Joe a very speedy and full recovery, from what could have been and still could be a life threatening injury. Best wishes to him. Get well soon