Dixie Carter Heading To New York City Today; Says "Exciting Announcement" Coming For TNA

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Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter:

  • Scottie

    Sellin up to wwe?

  • Ant

    Uh oh, the last time she went to the city to make an announcement she announced Hogan and Bischoff were coming to TNA. So bad.

  • christopher525

    Like all her other annoucements, this too will disappoint…

  • We're moving our timeslot, changing our name and bringing back a bunch of old guys…. again!

  • Roger Moore

    Dixie – I have come to terms with Mr Vince McMahon an have sold Total Nonstop Action for one million dollars.

    Reporter – Dixie, one million? Don't you think that's too cheap?

    Dixie – well I thought so too but after a while I realized TNA isn't worth shit so im lucky I got anything all…no further questions!

    Hogan – Let me tell you something brothers, I went to TNA for one purpose and one purpose only, to kill it brother! Vince and I had it all planned out and our plan worked to perfection!

    Vince and Hogan – Muhahahahahahahahahaha!