Dixie Carter Heels Jim Ross After Tweet From Parody Account

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There was an interesting incident on Twitter on Friday where TNA President Dixie Carter took a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. A parody Twitter account, located at twitter.com/WWEJimRoss, Tweeted the following to Carter's verified account:

"It's official, Chris Sabin is gone from @IMPACTWRESTLING. Who will @TNADixie and @JohnGaburick screw over next? (Besides the few fans)"

Carter responded, "@WWEJimRoss @JohnGaburick it's official. You know as little as the real JR."

I posted a screen capture of the exchange on my Twitter account:

It's likely Carter was portraying her on-screen heel authority character, however, the Tweet has since been deleted.

  • jdl

    Somehow I doubt Dixie was portraying her on screen character, and even if she was that account is not consistently used to portray said on screen character. Which means no matter how you slice it she’s behaving in poor form on a public forum.

  • Steve pritchard

    TNA is done ! Just go ahead and shovel the dirt on it.

  • AlphaMale

    Portraying a character or not, for someone as clueless as Dixie to make a comment about JR not knowing much about the business with all the experience he has is hysterical

    • seabee

      what’s hysterical is respecting some one beyond what their job was. JR was a play by play announcer who was fed lines by the boss he’s a great announcer but don’t pretend his word is gold on all wrestling matters. He has an opinion same as you or i but that doesn’t make us right all the time.

  • Splat

    Who’s Dixie Carter?

    Jim Ross

  • stoney

    The nerve of this woman, acting like she knows the business when she hired WCWs murderers.

  • Chris

    “Dixie, I loved you on Designing Women.” — Jim Ross

  • seabee

    Dixie is right. JR’s comments on kurt angle in an angle with ec3 was suggesting to me that he is stuck in the same ring with hulk hogan…. the old style of booking. instead we have dixie who has made EC3 a young superstar in JUST 5 months.

  • Eddie-Boy

    The way I see it, if W.W.E.’s Stephanie McMahon is the “Billion-Dollar Princess”, then it’s safe to say that T.N.A. head honchoess Dixie Carter is the “$7.25-per-hour Court Jester.” Just sayin’ ……. 😉