Dixie Carter Isn't A Heel, Green Workers, Kane Update, Upcoming NXT Call-Ups

With Dixie Carter saying on last week's episode of Impact Wrestling that she didn't need Vince, Bischoff, Stephanie or the Jarretts to help her run her company, what was the reaction, if any, in WWE?

If there was a reaction, I didn't hear about it. WWE has been very focused on their own viewership problem and they don't see TNA as viable competition. I doubt many people in WWE even saw it but again, no one mentioned it to me when I compiled my notes from this week's TVs. I would like to take this opportunity to address the heel version of Dixie Carter. I always caution readers they should wait and see how something plays out before judging, however, I also stress that the most successful gimmicks are an extension of the worker's real-life personality.

Dixie is known in real life for being warm, caring and compassionate. Even people deemed as bitter put her over for treating workers more like family than just another cog in the machine. Trying to make her an authoritative on-screen heel is like trying to make Steve Austin a choirboy, it's a clear miscast. I'm not sure what made TNA try this direction but if they're trying to turn Dixie into what WWE is currently doing with Stephanie McMahon, it's the wrong path.

What things do you look for in a match when you deem wrestlers as green?

When we say someone is green we mean they are inexperienced. A worker that's green makes more mistakes, isn't comfortable in the ring and often suffers from "deer in the headlights" syndrome. I could sit here and write about proper ways to evaluate a match but the bottom line is - listen to the crowd. Are they reacting to the action that's happening in the ring? If so, the workers have accomplished their goal. If not, there's a problem. WWE tends to book green workers in successful situations. For example, while preparing for this question, I went back and watched a couple minutes of one of The Great Khali's matches against Undertaker in 2006. At the time, WWE was heavily pushing Khali so they wanted to put him in a position to be successful. Khali's push didn't work out but Undertaker carried the match to the point where I've seen much worse. Just because a worker is green doesn't mean their matches are always horrible but it's imperative they try not to do too much before they are ready. One example I can give you of a worker making this error is Sin Cara. Heralded as one of the best workers in Mexico, he's really struggled to adapt the WWE style. Alberto Del Rio on the hand is a guy that never tries to take it too far and often keeps the focus off of his limitations. As a result, Cara hasn't found any traction and Del Rio has an established spot in the main event.

Where is Kane?

Kane has been off WWE television filming the sequel to "See No Evil," which has now wrapped. He was at the New York Comic-Con last weekend where he talked about the movie. Expect to see him back on WWE television shortly even though he hasn't been added to the official listings over on dot com. He is popping back up on local show information listings.

Is it safe to assume that the mention of Xavier Woods and his petition will lead to his call up to the main roster?

The mention of Xavier Woods in the petition to re-hire Big Show was absolutely intentional and indicative of his spot atop the list of prospective NXT call-ups. JBL made a noticeable gaffe on commentary as he claimed to not know who Woods was while playing his heel character on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. The problem is JBL was recently made the GM of WWE NXT. Oops!

From the Ask WNW vault…

Originally written in March 2008: As far as the most underrated in-ring worker I would say Shelton Benjamin. He is a career mid-card guy but has better in-ring work than most of the superstars that he is working with. As for someone on the mic I would say Santino Marella. I think that some fans appreciate him but I'm not sure that they understand just how great that he is. Marella is one of the best talkers that I have ever seen. He is such a good talker; he can lose clean and still not look weak. It beats anything that I have ever seen.

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  • Draven

    I watched the segment with dixie and hogan and she is just plan awrful on the mic its not that shes a bad heel its that shes a bad on air personality they need to keep her in the office cashing checks from her parents.

  • Jimminy Kimmel

    Richard. I dig the addition to ASKWNW with the throwback tid-bit. Is this a regular addition? Also, please consider doing a few more questions a day. I loves ASKWNW

    • I’m testing out a new “fifth” question that will be comments “from the vault.” Ask WNW is 6 1/12 years old so I thought some readers might enjoy a response from “back in the day.”

      • Mysterion

        In some more obscure cases will the original question be added, too? I know this question was easy to fathom but some may be more out there.

  • Patrick

    ” I’m not sure what made TNA try this direction”

    It’s not hard to figure out Richard. Dixie is all ready hated by fans as much as Cena is so TNA most likely decided to just have her turn heel.

    • Dixies Pixie Poodle

      I don’t hate Dixie Patrick!

      …Dixie is my Boo

    • -|AZ|-

      “Trying to make her an authoritative on-screen heel is like trying to make Steve Austin a choirboy” lol


  • The Breaker

    TNA was at its best when it was an alternative to WWE. But many have been saying that since Hogan came onto the scene that it’s been little more than “WWE-lite”. As a fan of wrestling I really want to see TNA succeed and grow to their potential, but when they run storylines that are so similar to WWE and even go as far as referencing WWE personnel on television, it’s easy to understand why TNA has been living in the shadow of WWE in the minds of so many fans. I don’t expect them to ever surpass WWE in terms of name recognition or influence over the industry; today’s landscape just doesn’t allow for that. But TNA certainly has all the tools to distinguish themselves from WWE and build a larger fanbase than what they currently have. Over three million people consistently tune into RAW each week. TNA draws around a million. So they need to find a way to bring in the other two. A lot of that probably has to do with bad advertising (or rather, a lack of any), but people (particularly here in the IWC) need to drop this whole “brand loyalty” thing and just watch wrestling. Some might complain that TNA hasn’t been all that entertaining recently (which I can’t argue with), but WWE has gone through the same stretches where the shows aren’t any good. So I guess what I’m saying is that people should watch whatever show they enjoy, without exclusively supporting just one.

  • jdl

    Sooo, people give Dixie props for being a crappy businesswoman? Employees are not family, and treating them as such is foolish.

  • James

    Shelton Benjamin deserved to be WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion at least twice.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I don’t consider Sin Cara to be “green” just because he has struggled with the WWE style; he was incredible in CMLL and he has been wrestling for many years before coming to WWE. Hardly inexperienced, which is really what ‘being green’ means

    • jdl

      He’s green. Not in the traditional sense of the word, as he is most certainly experienced, however he is green in the American style of professional wrestling. Everything from speed, to focus, to positioning are completely different from what he was trained in, and HHH was so focused on himself that he neglected to realize that Cara would need to learn the WWE style. Two years later he STILL hasn’t been trained in it. Cara needs to take a few months off and spend them with Rey Mysterio learning how to work the style that the WWE uses.

  • David F.

    Dont blame JBL for that gaffe. Im sure not a lot of casual WWE fans even watch NXT. Besides JBL probably partied a lot last weekend over UT slobberknocker of OU. He had a legit excuse to forget lol