Dixie Carter Mocks Tommy Dreamer, Cody Rhodes Replaced By Stardust

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Dixie Carter took to Twitter to talk down Tommy Dreamer after their encounter on Impact last night.

WWE has removed Cody Rhodes from the Superstars section, and replaced him with Stardust. His new page can be seen here.

  • Bob Backlund

    What is funnier is that Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore draws more in attendance than TNA, with about 1/5 of the budget.

    • supercilious1

      Did House of Hardcore draw 3,500 at any event? Or are you just going to cherry pick certain TNA events?

      • Mysterion

        How do good a defence of TNA? 3,500 is a bullsh** attendance for the alleged second best company in the world. If you think TNA is thriving on that kind of attendance you need a serious reality check.