Dixie Carter On What Sets TNA Apart, Classifies The Roster, Reveals First Time She Met Jeff Jarrett

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Brandon Baxter interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter on Tuesday to promote this week's Impact Wrestling tapings in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Below are the highlights:

  • Dixie Carter said taking Impact on the road was a business decision. She said you have to be financially able to go on the road and it's a very expensive proposition. Dixie said there were a lot of different signals that indicated now was the right time to make the decision.
  • She touted how fun it will be for fans to attend Impact live and how it is her desire for the live experience to be like a party.
  • Dixie put over TNA's talent roster, their storylines and production quality as the aspects that set them apart from competing organizations.
  • She said they've made a huge decision that their women are the best wrestlers in the world. Dixie put over the fact the Knockouts are talented and sexy and as long as the company handles them with class and respect, they are doing something no one else on this entire planet is doing. As a female head of a wrestling company, this is something Dixie takes extra pride in but extra caution in as well.
  • Dixie is not intimated by the males in the business, even when she's the only female in the room.
  • She is excited about the new guys who most people didn't know who they were when TNA started ten years ago. Dixie talked about how they are just starting to come into their primes and will be the talent that will carry the company. AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Matt Morgan and Hernandez were all mentioned and she said "every single one of them" has peaked at the right time.
  • Carter said that there are younger/newer guys behind them "nipping at their heels." Magnus, Robbie E and Robbie T were mentioned by name. She put over their roster depth before calling Sting and Hulk Hogan the two greatest wrestling icons you could ever want on your roster.
  • Dixie said all of the original TNA talents have come in and given people like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam a "run for their money."
  • Dixie revealed she first met Jeff Jarrett when she first graduated college in Las Colinas, Texas. She said they actually lived in apartments on the same floor, along the same wall. It was then Jeff told her he was a professional wrestler. She didn't get into the pro wrestling business until several years later, obviously reuniting with the man she met years prior.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety in the video embedded below:

  • I’m sorry but TNA’s production is nowhere near WWE’s. Also they have a good locker room of talent but WWE has quite a few more talented wrestlers. What I’ll agree with her is that their KO division is better. P.S Dixie, you don’t treat them with the respect they deserve, that’s why so many turned you down.

    • PFElton

      TNA intentionally takes a different production tact than the glamor we had in WCW and WWF, now WWE. They could be as ritzed up if they chose but they take a grittier, more realistic direction.

  • jdl

    Nothing sets TNA apart, that’s their problem. Just look at A&8s, their big headline story of the majority of the last year. Who’s it let by? Ex-WWE guy, who’s second in command? Ex-WWE guy? Who’s their mouth piece? Ex-WWE announcer. Who’s the leader of the troops? Ex-WWE guy. Who’s their enforcer? Ex-WWE guy. Who’s their other enforcer? Ex-WWE guy. Of the entire group only two of them aren’t ex-WWE, and of those two both are green as grass, one is undeserving of even having a job and the other hasn’t proven himself yet.

    Production value does not set them apart. Half the roster is Ex-WWE and does not set them apart. Their chief storyline is made up of almost entirely WWE rejects, they are not setting themselves apart in storyline either. TNA is essentially WWE Jr. with nowhere near the same level of media penetration. Dixie needs to wake up, smell the coffee and find someone who actually knows what they’re doing to help move TNA up a few pegs. Hogan and Bischoff are not the right fit for the company, and they never will be.

    • PFElton

      Um, their leader is an ex-ECW guy. Their second in command is an ex-ECW guy, their mouthpiece is an ex-ECW Champion. Just because someone has worked for WWE doesn’t make them a “WWE Guy”. We’re not talking about Shawn Michaels here.

    • Nostaljack

      The WWE (WWF at the time) became what it is because of a guy who was ex-AWA. In the very early ’80’s, Vince pillaged the AWA, NWA, Florida, Mid-South, etc. to create the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. I’m not sure I see your point there.

  • The thing with TNA they do not use the big name talent to help make new stars, The mainevent from Lockdown involved 2 guys who 10 years ago, made their names working in tag team matches. While that is great, Jeff may have a bit more credit then Bully in the singles, but everyone will forever remeber them as Tag Team Wrestlers in WWE. Jeff has done nothing for TNA & really hurt himself for not being in Europe cause of legal issues. He was the Champion. Bully Ray became the face of the company & when Jeff came back & Bully turned heel. There is no top Babyface who should be Jeff, but his momentum is damaged. TNA’s answer is Hulk Hogan, we all know it. Hogan has stated that he wants to be in the ring, if not him Sting, I like Sting, but at his age does not need the World Title. They should be pushing a new guy, never been in the mainevent. Bully is a new guy in the mainevent, but he i mean Some one like Matt Morgan or Hernandez. Not Angle (Who i like) or Hardy. Wrong move