Dixie Carter Presents TJ Perkins With A TNA Contract, Update On Sam Shaw’s Whereabouts

TJ Perkins Officially Signs A Contract With TNA

- TNA Wrestling has released the following footage of Dixie Carter presenting an emotional TJ Perkins, who portrays X Division Champion Manik, with an official TNA Wrestling contract.

[youtube id="KZe-zIk1Aq8" width="620" height="360"]

Where Is Sam Shaw?

Sam Shaw, who has been absent from TNA television since June, has not returned to Ohio Valley Wrestling after being assigned there late last year, reports the Wrestling Observer. According to Shaw’s Twitter account, he is currently residing in Florida and appearing for various independent promotions.

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  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Wait a second, am I reading this right? One of their own champions did not have an official contract with the company??? Sighs! Only TN’EFFIN’A to do this sh1t! Unbelievable!

  • Matt

    Honestly shocked we didn’t have five weeks if poorly produced vignettes hyping this as “the biggest free agent around”.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      I’m one of the first ppl to stand up and defend TNA when ppl like you make fun if them but when they do stupid sh1t like this where one of their champions did not have an official contract, you know what? They deserve to be made fun of! If we write a list of how many stupid sh1t TNA has done just this year alone, I don’t think we would have enough ink on the pen. At least they fixed one of their stupid mistakes and fired Brooke Hogan finally! But then after they take one step forward they take 5 steps back. Hulk is gonna be at the show next week. Oh brother! I can just imagine, he’s gonna take at least 7 segments on the show just to make up for his few weeks away from the spotlight. I want to give TNA all the chance in the world but facts are facts, the ratings have been a cluster fcuk! Nobody in the sports world seem to give a damn that Tito and Rampage are there, Sabin did not get over as a world champion due to their poor execution, the right guys are not being pushed, they failed so miserably with the AJ Styles gimmick that they had to revert back to his old one. That company is on a total cluster fcuk!

      • Ricky

        If you’re going to swear then swear don’t spell is like sh1t or fcuk to prevent getting in trouble. Be a man for once in your emo life.

        • Hercules Rockerfeller

          The reason I do this is because if I actually spell the right way it won’t get posted. I’m more of a man than you think kid! I’m a smart man! You’re an idiot!

          • Ricky

            Junior I’m pretty sure I have socks older than you.

      • Matt

        The company has superior wrestling. But lacks any direction. It’s a sad state of affairs it’s, what, 11 years old and still like beating a dead bloody horse.

  • Rt

    That’s weird. I always thought TJ perkins was Tyson Kidd.