Dixie Carter Says Incident With Austin Aries Was Taken Very Seriously, Handled Immediately

Dixie Carter has finally commented on the Austin Aries/Christy Hemme incident (See also - Austin Aries Will Be Disciplined For Christy Hemme Incident) from last week's Impact Wrestling. She Tweeted the following from her verified account:

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RICHARD REACTS – Are we at the point where a heel can no longer be a heel?

  • Nick k

    fyi I don’t think people care enough about this story to justify posting a million articles about it. It’s not like were talking about a terrorist attack here.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Inappropriate?! This is pro wrestling. I’m sure 90% of the stuff that happens in the ring can be considered inappropriate to a normal everyday person…

  • Brandon Ceielo

    So TNA, who were cutting themselves a lot, swore all over TV and other things going on on TV, are now very sensitive about everything. I don’t buy it and think it’s a work. It’s just weak.

    • Totally agree dx fir example did alot worse in the 90s large frankfurters come to mind

  • Harlie Boucher

    So I wonder what action was actually taken.

    • 1molly23

      Probably none. Dixie’s a joke and Hogan makes it even a worse joke.

  • Im inclined to believe its all the negative press if they really had a zero tolerence why didnt dixie gove the statement before now? Also why do they hire people who have left wwe because of drug problems and dont have a zero tolerence on that?

  • AJ

    Really Richard? A heel is an antagonist that does something according to a preplanned script. Not someone that corners a female and puts his groin in their face because she screwed up. If this happened in any other industry, it would get ugly, fast. But because it’s wrestling and a bunch of macho little boys, people like you think it’s ok, because after all, he’s “just being a heel” Oh, and before you go the whole female being a man hater, I’m a guy. I just happen to have intelligence and can understand right from wrong. And understand the difference between a scripted action and a bully that wanted to teach someone a lesson.

    • Dave L

      I agree AJ, A heel he was not being, at that moment he was a pissed off GUY. Granted in their defense She should have gotten the memo about who was coming to the ring, on live TV no less its amateurish. but him doing that crossed a line.

  • Hardy

    I think the fact that the wwe is pg and more family friendly effects cases like this in tna. Media look at wwe as the guideline to follow, and when it appears to cross the line it goes over the top. On one hand I find it silly but then again IF it was in another industry it could be classed as sexual harassment. End of the day if hemme wasn’t bothered by it backstage why make it an issue?

  • Snitch

    I agree he was just playing up his bad boy image… boo hoo… too many cry babies that are too sensitive…come on already… at least AA is getting a good hit for his bad boy antics… good for him to keep himself talked about..