Dixie Carter Says Jesse Sorensen Is Being Transported To The Hospital; Latest Injury Update

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of Dixie Carter:

Sorensen suffered a head/neck injury after he caught the knee of Zema Ion after an asai moonsault from the middle rope from Ion. The referee threw up the "X" signal and trainers came out to ringside as the match was ruled a count out and Ion declared the winner. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash killed time as they tended to Sorensen at ringside.

9:20 PM EST Update: Jesse Sorensen was knocked out cold after taking a knee to the head. There has been a considerable amount of concern for him as Kurt Angle, Karen Jarrett and Hulk Hogan have taken to their Twitter accounts to rally support. Sorensen was unable to finish the match as the referee was forced to go to an impromtu count out.

  • Ricky

    Gonna get a lot of hate for this I'm sure, but I read that Tenay and JB where toting this as the risks of the X division? Really? You risk a flying knee to the temple from a careless high flying move and the company is just like. "Oh thems the breaks kids?" If I was Sorenson I would be PISSED!

    • kbunyon

      While accidents happen (R-Truth & Miz), I have been saying all along that Ion is too green in the ring and is dangerous. Now he's #1 contender because he injured his opponent.

      I just don't like it, and what makes it worse is all of the seasoned X Division wrestlers sitting on their bums through every Impact and PPV. The X Division is rife with great wrestlers, but those two were in the #1 Contender Match? TNA needs some serious help when it comes to booking and creative.


  • SDD619

    While i agree with what both of you said, that could also happen to someone like AJ Styles as well. But thats thhe risks you take going in a ring. Sadly that could be a young career cut short. I for one hope not, But something like this even if he does comeback could of ben career suicide

    • Ricky

      Accidents is why Vince outlaws moves the the Shooting Star Press and the 450 Splash. The moves where too dangerous. If you remember Billy Kidman hurt both Paul London and Chavo Guerrero because he performed the move poorly and someone got hurt. And Kidman is an experienced Wrestler.

    • drhaase

      AJ Styles is smart enough to not take that risk…especially with an opponent as young as Sorensen. AJ takes risks that he has been practicing for years, and he does it against seasons vets. now that doesn't mean he won't ever screw up, but it is highly less likely

  • Mike B

    One can only hope that Zema gets a McMahon-esque punishment in the form of being squashed for a few months. Definitely too green to be on a ppv card, nevermind a title hunt.

    • Ricky

      In the WWE that would happen, hell with the way TNA is, he'll have the X Division Title in a month. Remember Jeff Hardy gave Ken Anderson a concussion and TNA did nothing to him.

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  • Tyson Kidd. The guy has been with the company for esaervl years, trained with the best in the business, held the tag belts for half a year (albeit in a crappy tag division), and STILL jobs to guys who have less talent than him. Sure his size is a factor, and he probably needs more work on the mike, but the matches he had against Sin Cara were pretty damn good. He would be a great IC champ once Cody Rhodes moves on to bigger and better things.