Dixie Carter Says Negotiations w/Spike TV Are Ongoing

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Dixie Carter has assured fans of TNA Wrestling that negotiations with Spike TV are still ongoing. The following was Tweeted from her verified Twitter account on Monday afternoon:

Negotiations with @SpikeTV are ongoing. Stay tuned and be sure to tune in this Thursday night for Ultimate X on #ImpactOnSpike!!

The comments come in response to TMZ breaking that Spike TV has canceled Impact Wrestling. We detailed what happened -- as the gap in negotiations closed significantly in recent weeks but fell apart due to a major misstep -- at this link.

You can read her Tweet below:

We are able to confirm that TNA executives are exploring their options in the United States, including reaching out to Fox Sports 1.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Good luck getting people to believe you, Dixie

    • Viacom (Parent company of SPIKE) “We are still in negotiations with TNA”

      • supercilious1

        I hope this is true. Did he tweet this? Where did you hear this?

        • Dixie, Bob Ryder (TNA) and Viacom have all said the reports are not true. So who are we to believe… the guys involved in the negotiations or TMZ.

          • supercilious1

            Good point. You have to remember that TNA is like a Pinata for most in the IWC. Any negative news about them and people will just pile on. Whatever Dixie tweets will get shitted on by the IWC. Let’s hope everything works out for them. The industry will be worse off if TNA goes under. Do you think we will get better or worse TV from WWE if there’s no more TNA?

          • Exactly. to be honest. I’m embarrassed for some of these “wrestling fans” and the sites that cover this in such an amateur fashion. Looking for hits rather than truth.

          • supercilious1

            Good point. Richard is the only one that is doing a fair/accurate job reporting on this TNA story.

        • chris

          Viacom’s tweet was that per company policy, we do not issue comments on negotiations.

      • chris

        wrong., Viacom said it does not comment on negotiAtions with other parties. spike tv could have dumped tna but it wants tna to save face and have some chance of hooking up with a new tv partner.

    • chris

      Dixie’s only hope is to get a deal with fox sports 1 or 2. yes, the tv outreach will be low but at least it is a tv outlet. tna was never going to compete with wwe anyway. tna’s goal should just be survival and some financial stability long term.