Dixie Carter Says Sting Just Signed New Talent Contract

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TNA President Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter today that Sting has re-signed with TNA Impact Wrestling. The following is her Tweet:


  • Ian

    Oh great, more crap storylines with a over the hill wrestler. Sting has become just like Johan and flair, wrestling too long and using backstage friendships to promote their own interests

    • Alex Barie

      Have you seen Sting in the ring? There is no doubt that "he still has it!" Plus, we all know WWE has their eyes on him too.

      • Ian

        It’s boring. Same old move set. He basically gets beat down then does his version of hulking up and wins. I’d have massive respect if he had signed a year with WWE to see what. He says he didn’t before simply as he had seen WCW guys buried – sting popularity wouldn’t allow it. He chickened out. He wants the quiet life. That what if thought would drive me crazy if I was him.

        • BigMike

          Sting wont sign with WWE for many reasons and Vinny HAS buried WCW megastars before and wSting does not need to go to WWE to validate ANYTHING

  • cjavent

    Well that kills all WWE opportunities. I hope it’s a 1 year contract

  • John

    I for one have been a Sting fan for 18 years! I am honestly happy that he’s sticking arOund. Some will argue with the fact that he’s old and he’s passed his prime and to that I say yeah! He is BUT the only difference here is, the guy is STILL in great shape! The guy can STILL go and the guy is STILL as entertaining as ever…Hell! He’s more entertaining now with his “Insane Icon” gimmick. So I say good for Sting and very good for TNA, although I would
    Absolutely LOOOOVE for him to have a run in WWE at least for half a year. But for Sting to be in TNA is a win/win situation for both parties.

    • Ian

      That gimmick was actually nicked from a indie wrestler who sent promo tapes to tna, they ignored him and took the gimmick for sting – according to various media sources

      • BigMike

        that is somewhat true but the guy never amounted to anything using that gimmick I saw the tapes Sting is better the other guy was trying to hard to be the actual Joker from The Dark Knight he was trying to be Heath Ledger Sting is himself just with a major edge so IMO it gives Sting the Advantage over a copycat

  • Noah

    Resigning a washed up 53 year old to wrestle smart move Dixie smart move

  • Latino

    *sigh* and here comes another year of wondering if and when sting will go to the wwe hof

    • Kleck

      It might be a good idea to wait until he retires to induct him

  • Stoney

    Sting is 53 and it doesn't feel like he's overstayed his welcome, unlike Hogan and Flair

  • Phill

    You only have to look at the reception the likes of Sting and Hogan got in the UK and Europe to realise why its a shrewd move by Dixie and TNA to keep the legends involved. The key is to use them right. Hogan as GM makes perfect sense. Sting should be kept for PPV's and special appearances. Flair is a good manager – currently using him to get Gunner over.

  • James Mitchell

    I’m admittedly not a TNA fan. Believe it not, Sting is one of the big reasons I can’t take TNA seriously, along with hogan, Eric, angle, and all the other wwe sloppy seconds type wrestlers. IMO, if they want to take it to the next level, they need to develop without relying on past stars recognition and regurgitated old wrestlers and stand on their own. Until then, I can’t stand to watch it and I can’t see how anyone takes them seriously.


    Sting might be the famous wrestler ever,if it's not it has to be John Cena:-}