Dixie Carter Says With Hogan Out, She's Asked Another Man To Take Control

Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter:

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Nash is back!!!!

  • Vince mcmahon?

    • PFElton

      Yeah, Dixie Carter is going to put Vince McMahon in charge of Impact. Real bright and cute there, sunshine.

      • Apparently youre not very experienced with the art of trolling….

  • jdl

    Dammit, for a tenth of a second I thought they fired Hogan. 😛

    • James M>>>

      That’s the only reason I read the article.

  • ldb

    hmmmm…..is it GOLDBERG?

  • Jim P

    Bummer. I read the headline and though "With Hogan out" meant that Hogan was gone, permanently. He's done nothing for TNA but draw an unreasonably large paycheck.

    • PFElton

      Is that what wwe.com says?

  • chelu671

    That man better not be Eric Bischoff….. Here's an idea though, but some people might see this coming… Whomever is chosen might play by the rules from the start. However, someone or something provokes them to indiscreetly reveal mischievous intentions. Later on, that person in charge is revealed to be the leader of Aces & 8s. I could see this person to be Jeff Jarrett…

  • James M>>>

    Wow, you can smell the anticipation in the air, or is that the mild stinch of rotten promotion?

  • Guzzie1984


  • OlDad83

    Is it Nick Nolte?

  • James

    U gotta love the anti-tna idiots that take the time to always post a negative comment despite never watching the show. I guess why let knowledge and unbiasness get in the way when forming an opinion right?

    • Matt Scott

      And referring to them as idiots makes it all better? As a matter of fact I used to watch TNA. Loved it. Then Bischoff and Hogan arrived. It’s unwatchable now. It’s gratuitous and deplorable and down right poorly written. The wrestling itself is good. But the angles are terrible.

    • Chris

      And never let your bias get in the way of slagging off some one else’s OPINION, right?

  • Lenny

    Probably gonna be Nick Hogan! I mean they already got one two useless Hogans on the roster, why not another one?

  • urnemystic.

    odds are its just jarrett. or possibly sting.

  • Robert olley

    Serg Selinas!!!

  • Ty

    I think hogan is doing a great job!! And it b funny if the new guy is Shane McMahon!!! But it might just b brooke hogan

  • adam

    Maybe chavo?

  • JD

    Aj styles??

  • gibbons08

    My guess is Jeff Jarrett and then a struggle for power when Hogan comes back and Jeff Jarrett gets outed as the leader of the Aces & 8’s

  • Ted Turner

    Its me guys. I’m in the wrestlin business again 😉

    • PFElton


  • Frendo

    Only one person can live up to the hype….. SHOCKMASTER!

    • [email protected]


  • skeeber04

    Scott Steiner?!

  • William Shatner

    Pat Patterson.

  • Dave Barton

    Ed Leslie!

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Really forming over night, they are terrible, no story lines except AJ sleeping with a admitted druggy, staged pics of a wonderful night and they name Sting as there first HOF. Wait that was another, they have a HOF. Please enjoy your independent circuit, maybe Scott Hall will make an appearance.

  • John

    As someone who has seen TNA’s product before and during the Hogan era, I can honestly say that the show is improving, but doesn’t feel as must see as WWE, or even WCW back in the day. TNA has the talent to become great, they just need fresh ideas, and not Aces and Eights.

  • CJ

    Karen Jarrett

  • Guzzie1984


  • Blake

    Jeff jarrett

  • Mikey d

    It’s chavo

  • Nick Nolte

    OlDad83 is right….it’s me!

  • ryan

    anti tna ? hell tna sucks always has always will! they will never catch or challenge wwe! because wwe is superior tna sucks tna sucks tna sucks tna sucks tna sucks tna sucks

    • Its posts like this that make wwe fans look like idiots….

  • DDP

    ITS ME IT’S ME … iTS DDP !!!

  • junior3rd

    Its chavo you fools