Dixie Carter Set To Make A "Major Announcement" Tomorrow - "Will Change Everything"

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Dixie Carter just sent a tweet out from her official Twitter page saying that she will be making a major announcement on Impact Wrestling tomorrow. The announcement will change everything for the wrestlers, company, and all of the fans. The tweet is embedded below:

I posted an article yesterday about an interview Dixie did several days ago. In the interview, she was planning on making a major announcement. The idea is that she will be announcing Impact Wrestling will be heading on the road.

  • I’m calling it right now. Dixie’s getting a Sex Change

  • Paul

    She’s going to announce that Nick Hogan is making his debut and challenging for the World title???

    • Nostaljack


    • I totally spit water all over my screen

    • Chris

      Only if he’s driving in with his dad in the passenger seat, we know how good he is at that…

  • Impact gone in to administration

  • Benjamin

    Hmm I wonder will any of the wrestlers who went to TNA based on there being a reduced schedule in comparison to WWE reconsider their future now and think if they’re going to be on the road even more than they already are would they just be better off in WWE, where presumably they would be making more money. Probably not, but will be interesting to see nonetheless.

  • Cody Zeller

    Where have I heard this before?

  • PainOfDemise

    Is she going to say she doesn’t know how to run the company and stepping down?

  • shwo

    doesn’t tna have an announcement that will change everything once a year? not a good track record so far

    • Chris

      Actually it’s about every 4-6 months, and it’s almost ALWAYS a letdown.

  • lbp365

    We’re hiring lbp365 to write our storyline, or we’re adding the American title, or two lacation for a friday show.

  • Logan Walker

    She will announce the TNA debut of…RICHARD GRAY!!!

  • lbp365

    She will announce the new American title, or lbp365 will write the storyline for now on, or a new 1hr. Show on sunday

  • Her announcement will be that she, wrestlers, and personnel just saved 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico.

    • SoulFool

      Dude , Your Loco !!! ROTFGLMAO…Holy Shit !!!

  • gonna start hitting the road

    • Chuck

      She is going to announce the newest member of the tna hall of fame

  • Shawn Murphy

    All jokes aside, if TNA does go on the road, it might change everything. Or at least some things. WWE has been getting some lackluster ratings as of late, and if TNA can try and make a run at something it might be time for another wrestling boom.

    • Chris

      Actually, if they go on the road people like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, et al, may decide that they may as well go to Vince for big money for the extra dates instead of staying in Dixieland for peanuts.

      • Jimmy

        Would be sick to see Kurt and Jeff back at WWE especially in time for Wrestlemania!

  • Lrgetrout5

    How about the “major announcement” of WWE buying TNA? That’s the only thing that would improve it at this point…

  • SoulFool

    Hmmmmm…Let’s just See ?!? Another Announcement…What could Dixie “surprise” the fans w/ this time ?!? Ric Flair has apologized for acting like a whiney old legend and is returning to TNA and will win The WHC , then go on to have a rematch w/ Hogan for the belt…then Sting…then Bully Ray…then He will kidnap Brooke and reveal that He is a member of A&E’s…WOOOOOOOOOO !!! WTF ?!? Only announcement I wanna here is Hogan’s injured and will NOT be returning , and Brooke has decided to leave so she can “tend” to daddie’s wounds , as Bischoff is leaving also , They are reinstating the 6 sided ring , and The Knockout’s division is getting more exposure , not to mention that they are starting a second show , and hitting the road for live shows !!!

  • SoulFool

    Like Missouri , Mrs.Carter…Show Me ?!?

  • SoulFool

    TNA was fine back when The Main Event Mafia was The main Heel stable !!! The Beautiful People were still a top female group , and Samoa Joe actually was a WHC as was Styles !!! Then…Asscrack Hogan , his sideprick Bischoff , and Naitch’ showed up and shit all over everything as Dix stand’s idly by and enables them !!!

  • Jimmy

    Please let it be that Vince bought TNA and all the wrestlers