Dixie Carter Standing By Kurt Angle, Says TNA Family Is Very Supportive

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Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter:

As we reported on Friday here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Kurt Angle was arrested after Thursday's Impact Wrestling tapings in Texas for Driving While Impaired. His fourth drinking and driving related arrest since 2007, Angle announced Friday night he'll immediately enter rehab.

  • Patrick

    I knew Dixie would stick by Kurt Angles side giving him more chances then he deserves. I think he used up all his chances and they should let him go.

  • 1molly23

    Hate to say this, but the only good drunk is one that’s not around anymore. Having lived with an alcoholic and a drug abuser – it’s true, addiction is a disease – unless that person wants to help themself the only way is down for them, and they take the family with them. So very sad. Get well soon Kurt!

    • Matt

      Calling every person who gets drunk better of dead is disgusting. Just because one idiot gets behind the wheel of a car it don’t mean every single drunk person will. Don’t be so singular minded.

      • 1molly23

        Not singular minded – didn’t say drunk better “of” (perhaps you meant off) dead – you’re right that’s disgusting, but you said that not me. I said not around – meaning not associated with – anymore. Please don’t be so quick to judge, listen.

  • Jackwagon

    “His fourth drinking and driving related arrest since 2007” — Here’s a thought, how about someone takes his DL away before he kills someone.

    • Kris Mystery

      If he regularly drinks and drives do you honestly believe that just because you take his license away he won’t drive?

  • Nostaljack

    Hmm… You’ll stand by Kurt Angle but you won’t stand by a guy who almost dies in your ring. Dixie’s credibility is in the garbage at this point so her “I’ll stand by you” tweets have been rendered meaningless. In truth, Kurt Angle is undeniably sick and needs help. Alcoholism is a sickness and he’s hardly choosing to drink. I get that. I agree with “Jack “in that he should long since have been relieved of his driver’s license as his problem has now become the problem of anyone who’s on the road when he is. Cars can be lethal weapons if the driver is intoxicated and Kurt should be exercising far better judgment. I have little sympathy for Angle choosing to get on the road and potentially kill someone else because of his poor choices.

    • Kris Mystery

      They did just fine by Jesse Sorenson. They kept him on the payroll for many months? A year and a half? As a highly paid production assistant..much higher paid than any other production assistant. They waited until he was healthy enough to ask them if he could start accepting indy dates. At that point TNA officials likely realized ok,.. if he is asking about working indy dates then obviously he thinks he can go in the ring. If thats the case then he can take care of himself. Time to cut him loose. Lets face it.. they need to protect themselves. If he wants to wrestle then let him go wrestle. They don’t want him hurting himself again while in their employ.

  • LBP365

    I lost my 3 children to a drunk driver, and Kurt just lost a fan.

    • Kris Mystery

      I’d have thought he would have lost you as a fan the last time he got arrested for drinking and driving. Sorry for your loss.

  • steve pritchard

    She sticks by this alcoholic. But Zema ion has a disease and he’s trying to raise his own money for treatment ! This truly shows how tna truly value they’re talent. This woman has absolutely no bussiness running this company. Someone needs to get her off twitter before she drags this company so far in the ground there’s no return. Panda energy needs to step in and relieve Dixie of her duties!

  • Batman

    Any explanation on why my post was removed?

    • esmithling

      What was it? Post it again so I can we can read it.