Dixie Carter Takes A Hard Stand Against PEDs, Comments On Homosexuals In Wrestling

Dixie Carter was on Hawksbee and Jacobs over in the United Kingdom to promote TNA Wrestling's 2014 Maximum Impact Tour.

Dixie was asked to name the company's top star and she specifically mentioned Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray and AJ Styles. She put over their deep roster of talent.

Performance-enhancing drugs were brought up.  Dixie condemned their usage, unapologetically stating her stance:

"If you can't look great naturally then you don't deserve to look great."

She said she voluntarily testified before Congress in the United States about this issue and that TNA "tests their guys regularly."

When asked about NBA player Jason Collins coming out as homosexual, Carter was asked about wrestling being a "macho" world. Dixie said they've had one openly-homosexual wrestler and it was part of his character (I'm assuming she was talking about Orlando Jordan unless there's someone I'm forgetting about). Dixie said she knows they've had others as well. She said it was fine and didn't change anyone's perception about that person.

"These are guys in little tights and you know, wrestling all around and everything else. You would think if it would bother anybody, it would be in wrestling versus, you know, on a football field kicking the ball."

Dixie Carter said her first job was to write the bid for Dallas to get the World Cup Games.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Chris Rowlands for sending the link.

  • Hahaha I HIGHLY doubt she tests TNA talent. She let Jeff Hardy go on LIVE PPV blitzed out of his mind. You have HH on TV as big as ever, She had Scott Steiner wrestling for her and you cant tell me Rob Terry is steroid free.

    • You mean Scott Steiner isn’t “natural”? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Amongst Demons

    She’s a hypocritical fraud that still thinks Hogan is relevant in any way. She gives the illusion that she takes care of the talent within TNA but in reality she only dishes out money to those who she only feels compelled to. All you have to do is look at what happened when Steiner left. He was one of the few that was not going to let her and others push him aside while they don’t pay their talent the way they should, all the while she lets Hogan along with Pritchard’s and Bischoff’s backwards views dominate the company. There’s no real logic to keeping the ridiculous A&8’s angle, not to mention they manage to turn Abyss into one of the stupidest and most annoying characters ever. The sad excuse for the womens’ division and what’s become of it. Letting Slutty Sky whore herself out weekly to the pubic is just downright sad and pathetic. It’s rather staggering the incompetence that lies in TNA with Dixies ignorance to boot.

    • AK-1138

      I think she’s just incompetent; simple as that.

    • Razmos

      But you are obviously still watching the show, so really she wins, do you think she cares what you have to say? Your watching and like it or not thats all she will care about

  • Charles

    When a 7ft. 330 pound man can’t go over on a 55 year old wrestling in a T-shirt there is definitely a problem. David Arquette winning the world title was the last WCW match l ever saw. This may be the last TNA match for me.