Dixie Carter Teases Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards For Genesis

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Dixie Carter teased that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will debut with TNA at this week's Genesis themed episode of Impact Wrestling. The following "hint" is from Twitter:

While Carter gave nothing more than a "hint," The American Wolves had been the rumored names over the past few days. Make sure you join us Thursday night starting at 8:30 PM EST for our Impact "Open Thread" featuring streaming live results and your discussion right here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Thomas M.

    Maybe it hints at “DR” St”E”vi”E”. Given TNA’s history of disappointing hype, I am honestly expecting this to be the case.

    Also, weren’t the real Edwards and Richards doing short term deals with WWE developmental in hopes of a longer term contract? This wouldn’t be a step up for them.

    • jdl

      They were, but for some reason they did not get the contracts. Good old Triple H at it again, “No, we don’t want talented guys, we want guys so ripped you could bounce a dime off their pecs, biceps so big they could crush a can of beer between them. We want five indie guys, and the rest Ryback.”

      • Patrick

        HHH did say they have enough guys the size of Edwards and Richards already on the roster and down in NXT. so at this time they were not interested.

  • _JIM_

    WWE just let one of the best tag-teams in the world get away from their tag division that is already lacking teams. The tag division is getting better, and getting more attention, but their champions, as popular as they may be, are still yet another team of career single’s competitors that were thrown together in a tag-team. Just like Team Hell No. What ever happened to tag-teams that spend their entire career as a tag-team? Teams like The Rock n’ Roll Express or The Road Warrior are almost extinct in favor of teams with 2 single’s wrestlers being thrown together for a short period of time. In my opinion this is one of the major problems with current tag divisions. Richards and Edwards are singles competitors for a large portion of their career’s also, but the average WWE fan wouldn’t know that if they were brought in as a team and kept together. I miss seeing teams being together long enough to learn how to work together really well, and develop all sorts of different double-team moves. You just don’t see that anymore. Which makes every tag match in WWE seem to look the same. With the lack of different double-team moves the matches are basically all the same. They need more legit tag-teams for the tag divisions to get better, and for interest to be rebuilt in them. This isn’t just a WWE problem. TNA, who had an awesome tag division not that long ago, has followed WWE’s lead and buried their division in the same way. I loved old school tag-team wrestling, and wish they could take the division seriously and rebuil them to their former stature.