Dixie Carter Thanks Orlando, D-Lo Brown The VP, What You Didn't See On Impact

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- Prior to the start of this week's Impact Wrestling taping Dixie Carter came out and thanked the fans of the Impact Zone for their support over the years. They showed this video and Dixie announced they'll be in Tampa on 5/23 (more details).

- For those that missed this week's go-home to TNA Lockdown Impact, D-Lo Brown was unveiled as the VP of Aces and Eights. Alex Barie has full results at this link.

- Following this week's Impact taping, Gail Kim beat ODB in a match taped for Xplosion.

  • soulfool

    D’Lo Brown…Ace’s and 8’s VP ?!? If You noticed when He took grabbed the mic , It sounded like He said that He was “A” VP of Ace’s and 8’s !?! And Vice President’s are just that…So , Who is The President of the gang ?!?

  • soulfool

    And He also said in the backstage interview later in the show that when he “JOINED” Ace’s and 8’s , He had guy’s that had his back and asked Sting if He had the same kinda guy’s ?!?

  • soulfool

    I really see a screwjob coming @ LockDown this Sunday…atleast I hope something happens that is unexpected and fresh…and NOT HOGAN or some other old cocksucker as their surprise LEADER !!!

  • soulfool

    TNA…get w/ the fuckin’ program and start coming up w/ better creative decisions , AND GET RID OF THE TWO MORON’S THAT ARE RUINING THE CO.!!!

  • k!ng

    Doesn’t this sound like how the NWO revealed their member’s a little bit like w syxx and then Eric Bischoff, Even sounds like when the Corporate-Ministry was going to reveal their “higher power” only for it to be Vince. Not trying to rag on TNA here but it seems Hogan and Bischoff love their faction groups seem like they are obsessed w NWO like groups.