Do The Hogan's Understand This Week's Impact Did Lowest Number Of Viewers Since Timeslot Change?

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There's some confusing Tweets from Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke regarding the recent ratings of Impact Wrestling. Hulk wrote the following:

Meanwhile, Brooke informed a Twitter follower that ratings were "up 30%" but later deleted the post.

This week's Impact Wrestling actually did the lowest viewership since the move to the new timeslot. To take a look at all the Impact Wrestling ratings, head on over to our TNA Ratings Archive.

  • kbunyon

    And yet another reason why the Hogans should NOT have any involvement in TNA! They give us reasons every week on Impact and Twitter, but this is just more prime stuff!

    I have to say that Brooke did a great job proving her worth as an executive this week in that lovely outfit that would have gone over wonderfully in any board room. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Brooke needs to learn a few things from Dixie (yes, I said it), about how to dress in a beautiful and classy way.


    • Phill

      TNA is fantastic at the moment. New stars (Aries main-eventing!) Bound For Glory Series, TNA Gut-check, Open Fight Night. Engaging storyline's – Sting's mystery attackers, Joseph Park, the build to Storm Vs Roode – and guess what the Hogan's take very little airtime. And unlike the WWE, Tna has very few "jobbers" – wrestlers are competitive and not superhuman.

      I don't get the constant criticism. TNA viewing figures in the UK beat WWE (partly due to freeview, partly because the UK fans don't enjoy the current WWE product)

      • Anand

        Nobody is outright against the hogans in the TNA. People are against the fact that hh and his daughter take up more on screen time than actual wrestling matches or promos. What kinda sow can you put up if all wee see is hulk and his daughter. The show is Total Nonstop Action and not Total Nonstop Hogans.

        Guess they have lost track if reality and mean that people saw 30% more of these two folks when compared to the usual weeks πŸ™‚

        • Dangerous Lee

          Anand, you don’t even watch TNA, do you? Admit it….

          • Anand

            I dont watch the full show. I only watch the matche segments & PPVs. The guys in TNA put up a few amazing matches which I love to watch but hogans constant interruption makes me turn off the TV and go for a break πŸ™‚

      • Chris

        I’m sorry, but how do you know UK fans don’t like the WWE product? You dont speak for everyone.

        Fact of the matter is everyone can get TNA. Everyone. Not everyone has Sky, and fewer have Sky with the necessary sports package.

      • kbunyon

        Parts of TNA are fantastic right now. Aries, Abyss, Storm vs Roose, and a number of other interesting things, but Hogan, and his daughter who only has a job with TNA due to nepotism, are a big part of the lead weight dragging TNA down these days.

        Since Hogan and Bischoff came into TNA, numerous big names have lost their pushes, been delegated to mid-card purgatory (Joe), not been seen hardly at all (Doug Williams), or released even though they had been on one of the biggest pushes in their TNA career (Jay Lethal). Then there's the mess the X Division has turned into. There's so few X Division wrestlers in TNA right now that it's a wonder that there's still an X Division! We've seen storylines and huge amounts of time devoted to Hogan, Bischoff and those they brought in because they're friends and family. Most of those people are gone (thank goodness), except their kids, who are still taking airtime from actually talented wrestlers on the roster.

        Its seems to me Phill that you're more looking for a fight in this comment section than anything else. Everything you've posted here about TNA has been attacking other people's comments and going off on tangents, rather than posing your own view points and really explain how you feel about the subject.


        • Phill

          I'm not looking for a fight, I am merely responding to comments that I feel are wrong.
          I personally have really been enjoying TNA the last few weeks, for the reasons I stated. New concepts like Gut check and open-fight night make for compelling TV.
          The writing has definitely improved recently too.
          Wrestlers come and go in companies. We all have our favourites. Personally I can see Lethal returning one day, in the same way Aries did. Doug Williams – he's an excellent technical wrestler but is he a "star"?? not convinced. As for Joe, sure he's been in mid card purgatory, but he'll find his way back to the top of the ladder again. Not everyone can be at the top of the card all the time. Joe is currently being used to elevate other people. That's part of business.
          The X Division? I can understand why people get annoyed about that.. but I'm not defending every decision TNA makes. I'm just sick of all the negative criticism towards Hogan and Bischoff.
          Hogan IS wrestling.

          The second comment I responded to was just absurd. TNA has built a successful company (for many an alternative to the WWE) and whilst one can make criticisms about its ratings, its roster, scripts – one can't deny that it has existed for 10 years – and is now making all the right signs for expanding.
          I made valid points about its developmental partnership, about Ring Ka King, and its international fanbase. The next step would be to go on tour more often to improve the live crowds and extend its appeal outside of the impact zone.

          The third comment I responded to about Brooke being a "disgrace" – well I disagree. I watch Impact every week and she's barely been on TV, and when she has been on, she's done her job – make matches. Brooke and Hulk are not exempt for criticism, but it seems ok for Shane and Stephanie to be involved with the WWE, but not Garrett or Brooke with TNA. I don't agree with the push of Garrett though, he should have been in developmental first..

  • havoc525

    The ratings mirror the hard work? Must not be doing much in O-Town then.

  • Chuck

    Dixie carter should hire metro run impact. Hell all she has to do is pay me for travel and food.. I bet I could get the ratings up 30%… KB what If they moved impact to where ecw was? Do u think that would help?

  • Nick

    I have not seen any TNA show since 2006.

  • Matt

    TNA has limited time remaining before it goes belly up

    • Phill

      People have been saying that for 10 years… You only have to take a look at the UK attendences and viewing figures (and the development of Ring Ka King in India) the recent partnership with developmental OVW…and the elevation of TNA stars such as Roode, Storm and Aries to the main event to realise TNA will be around for a long time to come.

      • Daniel Lim'ass

        Actually, 10 years ago nobody have been saying that TNA will be gone in a few years because at that time they are the real alternative of pro-wrestling in contrast to WWE. Today, TNA is a poor attempt of WWE Attitude Era.

      • Chris

        Sexual transmitted diseases will be around for a long time to come. Doesn’t mean they are good, just because you cant get rid of them.

  • Steve l

    the ratings were low because of the nba finals. don’t live in a vacuum there other things on television than wrestling. impact has been really good lately. but not everyone is a hardcore wrestling fan.

  • robert

    come on now, the same night as the final game of nba finals it is actually not a bad show now, Brooke had what 2 minutes ? and hogan 5 min? stop all the hating if the ratings don't start back up with nba over then i'd start worrying, not bad with all the sports fans watching the game. i watched cause basketball sux.

  • Liam

    Although the last episode of Impact was decent, Brooke Hogan must have done everything in her power to make this a terrible episode.

  • Liam

    These two are so useless to the wrestling business. There used to be a time when Hulk was needed. That time hasn’t been in the last 15 years. And Brooke is a disgrace to women’s wrestling

    • Phill

      hy is Brooke a disgrace? So far all she has done is put over the female talent.. unlike Karen Jarrett for example. She's taken very little airtime, made some matches. and that's it. CHILL the heck out.

      • Liam

        Never once said Karen was good. But Brooke has no reason being there. She has done absolutely nothing to earn this spot. It’s hard enough to be a woman in the wrestling business. People like Brooke make it even harder.

      • Chris

        She’s a disgrace because she doesn’t belong there. Nepotism isn’t reason to give some a tv spot. But there’s no point addressing anything with you. You’ve had three snarky defensive posts in the article alone, you’re clearly a deluded fanboy.

      • A.C.

        One thing Brooke needs to do – which I think will help redeem her – is more Knockouts matches. We haven't seen Angelina Love, Winter, Sarita and Rosita on TV in a while. Also, the Knockouts Tag Titles need to come back to the Knockouts.

  • Skitzo

    Lol my god.. the hate on the Hogans is very embarrassing. Hulk has done more in the blink of an eye than any “writer” or any one of you hateful posting idiots could ever dream of doing for the business.

    You type of “fans” are what’s wrong w wrestling. Impact did a great number considering 18 million were watching the final game of the nba finals.

    Impact wrestling will be around for a long time. Stop crying over ratings and enjoy the show.

    Brooke and hulk clearly have Tna’s best interest at heart. Enjoy it for what it is or simply shut your eyes and don’t watch.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    you do realize it was the NBA FINALS which i watched every game even though i NEVER watch tna

  • Steve l

    all these people say they ever watch tna but still post aboit it every week.

    • Dangerous Lee

      I agree. It’s sad and hilarious that all these people complain and whine about TNA but most of them don’t even watch it. It’s kinda like NXT. People complain just to complain.

  • Steve l

    I was skeptical about brook she said she’s doing good job bringongmainstream attention amd puttting over tje knockouts. O dont think she os a real execitove jist a character.

  • Fifth Horseman

    Hogan came to WCW – the company died. Hogan comes to TNA – company is on life support. Can Brother Bruti , Tugboat and the Nasty Boys be on next week – yeah that’s the ticket! Just put all of Hogan’s buddies on there and TNA will die too. Hogan is a cancer on the sport. He could never do crap in the ring, matches were boring and predictable and then ….. 20 minutes of posing – and that was in his best years. The only person in the biz who ever really liked him as a person was Okerland. Sick of him and now there is another generation. Hell, let ‘s just book Nick Hogan vs Garrett Bischoff – that would be a total car crash – no pun intended.

  • Levi Aldebol

    I would say the ratings were good for the fact they were on NBA Finals night. I saw the show on last night, and I thought the matches were not too bad, if somewhat predictable (Kind of figured no titles would change hands). Would it have killed anyone to let us know if Tessmacher's match vs. Madison was a non-title (they didn't quite make that clear)?

    One of the few surprises was the end. How many people thought Jeff Jarrett was going to be the one coming out to ambush Sting at the end of the program? Instead we get these masked thugs. Should be interesting to see who was behind the attack (my money's on Jarrett).

    I wish people would stop hating on Brooke Hogan already. So far, she hasn't really put the spotlight on herself the way Karen Jarrett used to. The Knockouts are getting more attention, which is a good thing.

    There were a couple of set ups for next week's program that should build some anticipation: We're finally going to put the Dixie/AJ "affair" to rest once and for all, but I get the bad feeling if Aries gives up the X Division title, it will be discontinued, which would suck.