Does JR Have Any Regrets?, Security, Vince Gave Stephanie Permission To Date Triple H

- Jim Ross was featured on The Steve Austin Show at this link. The interview was actually JR's first after his "retirement" from WWE but it wasn't posted until today. JR said in the interview if he had to narrow down his WWE run if he had any regrets it was he would like to call Undertaker's final match, whenever it is.

- Michael Hayes - not that Michael Hayes - worked as a security guard on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. You can check out his OVW profile at this link.

- Linda McMahon speaks about the budding romance between Triple H and Stephanie in the new "Thy Kingdom Come" DVD. You can watch clips here and here. Stephanie said she was forbidden to date any of the wrestlers but Hunter was flirtatious and eventually granted permission by Vince McMahon.

- Speaking of WWE's power couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are featured in a new Milk Mustache campaign that you can watch here at

  • BigMike

    Yeah Hunter was flirtatious while he was living with and in a 10+year relationship with Chyna. CHyna herself said she came home and found HHH and Steph in bed and she left and not too long later she was gone from WWE. So this whole thing is bullshit and the whole thing about dating wrestlers might stem from the infamous but never fully verified story about Mach Man and an underage Steph

    • Rus

      lol Mach Man

    • Kacie

      I never heard about Chyna finding them in bed together. I heard she found love letters.

  • _JIM_

    Of course Vince didn’t want his daughter dating wrestlers. That’s no surprise to me. It seems like Hunter did do Chyna wrong by how he basically dumped her for Steph, but that’s just one side of the story. We’ll never know Hunter’s real side of the story. Because everything will always be cleaned up to make it look like he did nothing wrong. There’s not many guys out there that wouldn’t have done the same exact thing as he did. Anyone who says different is lying through their teeth. Not only was Steph extremely hot when compared to Chyna, but because he was already one of the best wrestlers in the world adding being with Steph to the picture made his career sky rocket. So it wasn’t that tough of a decision IMO at all.