Dolph Ziggler Comments On His Concussion & Whether He Will Be In The Royal Rumble

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Chris Van Vliet from WOIO-TV met up with both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler who were in Cleveland for WWE Night at the Cleveland Cavaliers game. Below are excerpts to some of the responses Chris received:

Dolph Ziggler on his concussion:

"I'm actually feeling pretty good. I've had a couple of weeks to rest and not fall down (laughs). I'm back at the gym, I'm feeling good and really looking forward to getting back into the ring real soon."

Whether or not Dolph Ziggler will be back in time to enter the Royal Rumble:

"I wish I had some kind of answer for you. I've got through a couple of different tests and they've all been coming back very positive and I'm healing very well. On Sunday I'll be there to get checked out."

Which Superstar they would love to see return in a WrestleMania dream match:

"I'd want to see Ultimate Warrior come back and give like three clotheslines and a splash. And literally run around shaking the ropes and run back. That's all I want. All I want is to hear the music, run down, three clotheslines and a splash. 1,2,3. Run, boom, done. See ya, bye and I'm the happiest person in the world."

What it means now that the titles are unified:

"It makes it a lot harder. It makes it a bigger target for that champion and it makes it even more important for this Royal Rumble coming up to win it because then you go on to main event WrestleMania and go for that WWE World Heavyweight Championship. No longer do you get a choice when you're a Money In The Bank winner, because you're going for that title."

Why WWE isn’t addressing the fact that Chris Jericho unified the titles as the Undisputed Champion:

"It's a different era now, a different time, a different generation and I think in this new era it is a huge deal."

The full interview reveals how excited they are for the WWE Network, their favorite wrestlers as kids and their impressions of some WWE legends. You can watch the full interview below or at this link.

  • Bob’s Diner

    So unifying the titles 12 years ago wasn’t a big deal?
    Wonder how Chris Jericho feels about that…

    • Ryan Plague

      I think what Dolph meant, was that when Jericho unified the titles in 2001, WCW was still fresh and real and the title was still called the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, now some 12 years later, WWE has created it’s own legacy with the World Heavyweight Championship and so to me the unifying of the titles is totally different than it was then, it’s not a knock on Jericho

      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        Good way of putting it.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I know full well why he said it – WWE’s revisionist history dictates that it was the biggest match ever. They’ll say the same thing once the belts have been split again and are going to be unified again.

        Also, you kinda contradicted yourself – if WCW was “still fresh and real” at the time of the unification, that would have made unifying that title with the WWE title a way bigger deal than unifying the WWE title with another WWE title that came to existence because HHH just wanted a belt and has been nothing more than a midcard title for a year or two.

        Just saying…

        • Ryan Plague

          ok, clearly I didn’t make my point very clear, what I meant by WCW was still fresh and real, is that it was still very much on wrestling fan’s minds and i’ll say that unifying the WCW and WWE championships was huge, to fans like yourself and me, but now to the fans who are brought in by John Cena, WCW means basically nothing and so the unifying of the World Title and WWE Championship was bigger to them, hell I’ve been at WWE Events, where the fans that are there because of John Cena, have no idea what to do when the lights go out and The Undertaker shows up.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Like I said, I get that. We have a generation of wrestling fans now that only know of WCW as being a complete joke because that is all they have been portrayed as. They think that HHH is the most important wrestler ever because that is how he is portrayed. It is sad, but I get it.

            And the next generation of fans will no doubt get this match again and it will be the biggest and most exciting match ever!

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Sounds like Dolph could be a last minute entry to the RR. Hope he does.

    • Ryan Plague

      would love if he was number 30 and he ran in and dumped everyone out and won the damn thing