Dolph Ziggler's Concussion Happens A Night After A Title Contender Gets Backstage Heat For Being Reckless; More On Injury & In-Ring Clearance

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Dolph Ziggler's concussion is legitimate and occurred during a segment involving a ladder with Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger following a bout taped for this week's Smackdown.

We don't have the specific details on which spot the concussion occurred but Swagger got heat Monday night for being reckless with a ladder on Raw. Both WWE officials and Del Rio were vocal in that Swagger could have hurt someone.

There has not been a decision made on what to do at Extreme Rules but Ziggler will not be medically cleared until he passes ImPACT-Testing.

We actually heard early Wednesday morning that Ziggler was examined backstage at the Smackdown taping in Raleigh, North Carolina although our source was unaware if what they were doing was part of a storyline.  Once WWE posted the story on dot com, we were able to verify the legitimacy of the injury.

  • Flow

    This is the exclusive content that I’m paying for? All of this info was already reported. So the point of this article was just to confirm his concussion? I’m pretty sure every other wrestling site is gonna have this out for free. It’s pretty clear that WWE isn’t the only place suffering from post-wrestlemania hangover. WNW hasn’t posted anywhere near the quality premium content that I would expect, main reason why I wont be renewing my subscription at the end of the month.

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      Awww you want a tissue princess

  • John

    Ohh how ironic would it be if Del Rio was the one who gave Ziggler the concussion!

    • I agree, but on that same note how much of a final nail in swaggers coffin would it be if it was him after what happened on Raw