Dolph Ziggler Demands A Rematch With Chris Jericho; Alberto Del Rio Files A “Formal Complaint” With Booker T

-Despite Chris Jericho saying he is “done with WWE” as of August 14th, Dolph Ziggler sent out a Tout following his loss at WWE Summerslam against Jericho in which he demands a rematch:

-The official WWE website is promoting an angle in which Alberto Del Rio has filed a “formal protest” with Smackdown General Manager Booker T, following the decision at WWE SummerSlam last night. Booker T has vowed to address the issue on Smackdown this week. Click here for more information.

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  • mjledesma

    Why does someone always file a formal complaint on the smackdown gm? Creative needs to be more creative. Have del Rio call out Booker T for a fight.

  • Monty

    I am so tired if this boring story line and I hope it ends soon. This is quite boring del rio uses the same lines since he came to wwe about his destiny and stuff. Put orton back in title picture

    • hurrigame

      Anyone but Orton. How about giving Daniel Bryan his rematch from WM, for real this time. Would love to see Bryan bring Sheanus down a peg.

  • Anand

    Please no. Not Sheamus vs del rio again :-( cannot sit through one more peasant promo by del rio. Please :-(

  • Rob

    Please not ANOTHER sheamus vs del rio match, I am sick and tired of them both to be quite honest!

  • http://wwe Jaugman

    Hey del rio
    Do you want some cheese to go with ur whine!!!get a grip you lost!!!it’s only ok when you cheat?

  • Bishop

    So Booker’s days as GM are coming to an end? It will end up being Booker vs ADR in a “if Booker loses, he will no longer be the GM” angle


  • Ciara

    Bring bak jericho he's a HK!!! :)