Dolph Ziggler Discusses Hosting WWE Download; His Time As “Nicky” In The Spirit Squad; More

The official website of the Montreal Canadiens recently conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler to promote the upcoming Raw in Montreal. In the interview, he discusses playing hockey as a child, his former relationship with comedian Amy Schumer, and more. In the following excerpt, Ziggler speaks on his role as the host of WWE Download:

WWE is quite progressive when creating original programming exclusively for YouTube. You host “WWE Download”, which highlights random Web videos and consistently draws 100,000+ views per episode. Cut us a promo on why your show OWNS “Tosh.O”.

DZ: (laughs) I’m the Showoff, I’m great at what I do and WWE Download is an awesome show. Unfortunately it goes over a lot of people’s heads because it’s a little too smart. Tosh has a great show. He does a lot of great jokes; he’s got a lot of great writers that help him out. Now, I like to host the show, write the show and do what I do better than everybody else and that’s stealing the show. When you watch WWE Download, you know you’re getting a bona fide star hosting a show, having a good time, putting it all out there. Also, and that’s the key point; it’s a family-friendly, PG-oriented show. And I can still make them laugh, I can still tear it down, I can still steal the show, I can still make it interesting and I can make it fun for the whole family. That’s the edge that WWE Download has. I do it better than anyone else.

He also touches on his former role as “Nicky” in the Spirit Squad:

One of your earlier gigs was with the “Spirit Squad”, where you had to take some lessons from actual cheerleaders to nail the characters. Did that give you a newfound respect for cheerleading?

DZ: During my college days, I never mocked cheerleading. When we found out that we were going to be cheerleaders and that we would have to take gymnastics and cheerleading lessons non-stop, we wanted to knock it out of the park. We had lessons five days a week, twice a day, to try to nail every aspect of gymnastics and cheerleading. I realized it wasn’t easy. It was a pain.

Click here to read the full interview.

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  • Matt

    Dolph is such a great guy, he'll be carrying the company in a few years

    • Howard Stern

      Indeed, I can't wait for him to become WHC.

  • BigMike

    Oh I have a good friend who was a STRAIGHT male Cheerleader for college and he was the most physically fit person I knew he was exceptionally strong and limber and I knew if anyone tried to give him grief about him being a "cheerleader" he would kick the crap out of them BUT the spirit squad were great at being totally cheesy and idiots

    • Ken

      Back in the day, and I'm talking about WAYYYYYY back in the day, all sports cheerleaders were male. Women weren't allowed. Too much flesh showing, etc.

  • Owolola adebola

    I love DZ but for his arrogance. But I see him as a young irritable wrestler that will go places. He needs tame his character anyway.