Dolph Ziggler Discusses Not Having A WrestleMania Match Yet, His Feelings On John Cena vs. The Rock, Comparisons To WWE Legends, More

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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network interviewed WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler and sent in the following. Below are highlights:

- Not knowing why he doesn't have a match booked yet at WrestleMania but wanting only even a short amount of time so he can steal the show

- Why most of the WWE locker room is siding with John Cena going into his match with The Rock at WrestleMania

- Questions he always gets from fans (including why did you dye your hair brown)

- How difficult it was working inside the Elimination Chamber and how much of a toll it left on his body

- Being compared to Shawn Michaels and Mr. Perfect

And more!

The full interview is embedded below:

  • jdl

    You have to be capable of stealing to show to actually steal the show. We expect Ziggler to not suck, he's no longer capable of stealing the show. Plus, he's not in an active feud, his promo work is shoddy and his look is a little stale. He doesn't deserve a match at Mania, as just tossing him in there is an insult to the fans and to his talent in the ring. So either set him up a program, or just toss him in a battle royale dark match.

    • monty

      seriously ziggler has the highest potential in wwe right now, he has everything you want in a superstar. And i am glad vince is building him right how about a ziggler vs mix match, what wwe could have done was ziggler vs orton.

      hopefully some of these guys will be in a 5 vs 5 match for control of raw and smackdown gm match

  • Maze

    Dolph also gets compared to Billy Gunn a lot

    • Stoney

      But Dolph has charisma and mic skills

  • Arav

    Honestly find it ridiculous that the likes of him and the miz dont have a match announced yet, if they do have a match. Money in the bank matches used to solve this problem. Hope they bring it back, cause wrestlemania just feels weird without it

  • TJS

    hate dolph or love him the kid can flat out bump

  • Sebastian

    Dolph Ziggler is an incredible talent, and one of the gems of the current crop coming through. We should celebrating these guys & their talent, without em the WWE would be stale.