Dolph Ziggler Exchanges Tweets With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dolph Ziggler had a worked Twitter exchange with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out the Tweets embedded below:


  • Pizzaman

    Ohhhhhhhh would u like some ice with that burn ziggler

  • Arnie has some sweet ragging skills.

  • SRP

    Ha! Good old Arnie.

  • Nick b

    Arnold just ripped him a new one!

    • Behind the scenes

      I smell zig v Arnold wm!!!! U heard it hear first.

      • izblack

        ^^As entertaining as that would be I’d rather Zigglar be in a real meaningful match at WM

  • AH-NOLD needs to be the new raw gm.

    • izblack

      I can dig that

  • Ricky

    This is why WWE backs Twitter Boys and Girls! Instant build for a possible angle!

  • havoc525

    Arnold nailed that last one.

  • Mat

    Oh Arnold, you great, great man 🙂 Best news I’ve read all day.

  • Joey

    I wonder if this will be mentioned on RAW? I can see Ziggler mentioning it in a promo.

  • The Breaker

    I can't read a tweet from Arnold without hearing an incredibly exaggerated version of his voice in my head.

    While I definitely don't want to see them face-to-face on RAW or anything, I wonder how Ziggler would sell a punch from Schwarzenegger.

    • JamieSNZ

      Probably go flying out of the ring.

    • christopher525

      About as well as Triple H?

  • Code

    Damnnn He totally just owned Ziggler

  • Laterial

    LMAO! Another Arnold classic. Mr. Ziggles got owned by a geriatric terminator!

  • DoJo

    ‘Everytime I see you I turn the SHOW-OFF’………… Greatest.line.ever. Ziggles got done!!!!!!!!

  • CaliburUK

    Haha wow, Arnie just owned Ziggler with that last tweet, how embarrassing…