Dolph Ziggler Gets A Bodyguard, Another WWE Departure, Triple H Comments On “Injury”

Dolph Ziggler introduced Mason Ryan as his “bodyguard” at weekend WWE live events.

Robert Zimmerman, who worked as Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications in WWE, has left the company.

WWE has updated their feature article on Triple H accompanying Floyd Mayweather to the ring on Saturday night with quotes from Hunter. In the piece, Triple H continues to sell his “broken arm.” You can read the quotes from The Game at this link.

  • Matt

    Robert Zimmerman is Bob Dylans real name haha

  • jon

    Its about time they do something with mason ryan an dolph

  • Pulling the tights

    Did he fire Vicki as his bodyguard, weird cause Vicki is twice the man Mason is!

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    First, Mason Ryan feuding with Dolph Ziggler with no real conclusion. Out of the blue he's the bodyguard now? Give further explanations for this, WWE

    • Bob

      Maybe if you wait for it to be announced then you might find out

  • Joe O.

    I agree with Daniel. Wasn't WWE pushing Mason as a face when he showed up for a couple weeks? Now he's heel again? Or are they finally going to turn Ziggler face? I'm sorry this just doesn't make sense.

  • PikaPal4ever

    Wow, for triple h to hang out with trash like floyd mayweather, really shows what kind of person triple h is.
    Lost a lot of respect for him

  • A2H

    Ryan sucked in the ring anyway. Let alone on the mic

  • Hunter

    They need to do something with Ziggler, he's too good to not be in a big feud now.